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99 mountaineer 5.0 into 72 mach 1
Hello new here. I've been lurking for awhile.  Putting a 99 moutaineer motor in my 72 mustang it has the gt40p heads and will be running a c4 for awhile until i find a good deal on a t5. I've come up on a good deal on some mac 1 5/8 long tube headers for a 94 95 gt. Does anyone know if they will clear everything? Thanks in advance.
While I'm here another question I have is the oil filter. Do i need to relocate it or will it be ok? I do not intend on having a/c
Welcome from Iowa. I believe they make headers specific to the 302 for the 71-73 mustang. Not 100%sure on the get 40 heads though.

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- Jason

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I think FPA may make a header that will work.

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That motor will have accessories in positions that are different. I suspect, putting it in is the only way to be sure of what will and won't work. Keep in mind 302's and 5.0's are very similar, but they are not the same motor internally. There is a different firing order and crankshaft imbalance making flex plates and balancers incompatible. I suspect mostly it will fit just fine.

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Thanks for the replies. Well this should be fun. I guess will try my luck on the headers. I'm maybe a month away from the swap give or take.
Btw i pulled this motor from my local junkyard for 60 bucks. Ive got it opened up and everything looks good. So far so good . Except for the 4 broken bolts. I have 3 removed so far.
Are you going to run it as fuel injected, or carburetored?

If fuel injected what are you going to use for an ECU? I believe the stock computer expects feedback from the transmission, which you won't get with the C4. I believe there are workarounds, including an aftermarket computer.

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Welcome from Omaha!

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The Explorer/Moutaineer GT-40P headed 5.0 is a very popular swap with the early Mustang crowd. I seriously doubt you would have any issues fitting the engine as-is into the bay of the 72, other than connecting the accessories to the car. Headers can be a challenge due to the revised spark plug angle. Here's a thread on the VMF regarding headers.


FWIW, if the header fits 65-70, it'll normally fit 71-73 without issues.

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