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92 GTS-Rs Project Thread
So I purchased this car in the UK and I think I paid over price for what I ended up with Sad

That aside, I am trying to get the car watertight and importantly Safe to drive.
I have owned other American cars, but this 71 Mustang is the oldest one I have ever had.  Purchased in good faith (first one I looked at).

I took a gamble and sadly am uncovering a minefield of bodged repairs.

[Image: 49173452373_3fdda38a10_z.jpg]

The car was delivered to me and arrived with hardly any gas in the tank, but you could smell fuel in the car.

I drove the car 1/2 mile to the local garage and started to fill the tank, next thing I found was fuel was flooding the garage forecourt and over my feet! Shootself 

So upon investigation I found all the rubber tank seals had perished!

1st Job was to change the parts.

I purchased a new cork gasket for the filler neck to rear panel, a new rubber trunk neck gasket and a new fuel tank collar.

 [Image: 49174244277_80a7575bf9_z.jpg]

[Image: 49174244437_3931715030_z.jpg]

As you can see,the parts were FUBAR!

So that  was Issue No1 Sorted.

Next issue was the car overheated on the 2nd time I took it out.
It turned out the car has been rewired using a harness from Kwick Wire, now someone had wired the radiator fan and A/C fan to the main Heater switch! (No thermostat switch on either radiator)?
So if you turned the heater fan switch off then the car would overheat  Angry   I also found two relays had burnt out!.

So I have got to go through the whole new harness to work out what has been wired and what has been ripped out of the car.  I am pretty useless when it comes to wiring so I will have to get someone to help me solve the issues.  Huh 
None of the instrument warning lights work, I have checked the bulbs and they do work so it's a wiring issue. 

The shifter linkages need adjusting, whoever had the car before must have been a complete idiot, instead of adjusting the linkages correctly, they decided to lengthen the centre slot of the console to allow the lever to travel further back!  
[Image: 49174243797_4b58a0e862_z.jpg]

I Purchased 4 new Black screws for the centre shifter cover but looking at other peoples pics, i think these are supposed to be Hex head? 

I have a ton of issues to sort out on the car but I'm trying not to let it get me down.

More updates soon.
Got the car up in the Air and have found many more problems.
Damaged rear passenger floor pan,
Front suspension strut crossmember bent.
[Image: 48832937217_4cd197d10f_z.jpg]
[Image: 48832767436_26cc935449_z.jpg]

Someone tried to weld up the crossmember!
[Image: 48832767246_71152f20bd_z.jpg]
[Image: 48832766171_3ef3ff587a_z.jpg]

I have purchased a replacement Crossmember and that should be fitted in the next couple of weeks.
[Image: 49173420288_48d3c86489_z.jpg]

The Weatherstripping on the car is in a very poor state and I have also purchased the parts needed.
[Image: 49173927726_95283a0722_z.jpg]
[Image: 49424609417_00693a5c9a.jpg]

One thing many of the companies don't tell you is that there are actually 2 weatherstrips on the outside of the door, the upper weatherstrip normally comes in the new beltline kit, but the lower one is NOT included! This seems nuts to me.
So I managed to find the correct part from NPD.
[Image: 49424365841_4ac52d7168_w.jpg]

I have made a start on Stripping the doors, clearing out surface rust, vacuuming out the crud and treating the interior of the door and quarter panel with water based rust converter I purchased off eBay. Once this is fully dry (and the weather improves) I will spray over this with Grey Zinc primer.
[Image: 49424698782_2cc429c537.jpg]
[Image: 49424721272_d1a686fc80.jpg]
[Image: 49424721287_6180fd72d6.jpg]

I have also started rust proofing the inner quarter panels
Before clearing off the crud,(you can see the moisture build up) Sad
[Image: 49424009763_8a18e7fb2b.jpg]
[Image: 49424488801_db95c464bd.jpg]
After rust treatment
[Image: 49424854311_48e046c56b_z.jpg]

I have also had to remove the passenger side roof drip rail as that is damaged and I now need to find a new one Sad
[Image: 49424716767_dd4dee8022.jpg]
[Image: 49424023188_d43b7e44f1.jpg]
[Image: 49424488721_429e9e4299.jpg]
Again I will give the rust treatment a blow over with Zinc Primer prior to reassembly.

Now if anyone can help me with advice on the correct sealants and reassembly of the roof drip rails and weatherseals I would appreciate it Smile
I will most likely have to order everything from the USA.

Now I needed to do something to cheer me up actually Fitting something on the car (rather than keep removing stuff), so I purchased a interior glove box light from an earlier mustang.
I had to make the empty hole on the glove box frame a little bigger using a step drill and 1st fixed the new light switch and bulb.
[Image: 49424023378_d077902b60.jpg]

2nd job was to fill the empty hole above the centre console where the infamous Map light should be (depending on which model car you have,
my car is a basic 302 so it did not come with the light).
I had seen posts from some old members on here but I did not get any reply on seeking a replacement light, I had seen one on eBay for over $238.00 (which was nuts) So I decided to make my own.

I purchased a Hella interior light (which I think is mercedes and features a 3 position switch) for $9.00 then found an old bit of black plastic and cut the recess for the light to fit, then I shaped the plastic to fit the shape of the centre console. It's not finished yet as I have to clean up the black plastic to get a good finish on it, I also have to wire it up, but I am pleased with the result so far Smile
[Image: 49424708762_61e7c524f0.jpg]
[Image: 49424853951_66129e951e_z.jpg]
There have been several threads on the drip rails, here is a recent one.

The older the cars are the more problems you'll find, that's for sure. Rust is the biggest one, hidden damage from previous blunders a close second, and idiot previous owners next, Overall, it looks like you have a decent platform to begin your restoration/restomod journey.

Good luck

“If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.”
--Albert Einstein
Thankyouyellow Thanks Don

So I have also been working on the floor pan.......
Removing the side sill cover plate and ripping up the glued down carpet I found this galvanised steel folded up sign!
 [Image: 49424680992_369a67dec7_o.jpg]

under the sign the floor was wet (god knows for how long)?
[Image: 49424452326_fc8b798388_o.jpg]
Someone had used Bondo as the glue to hold the metal plate down!  Angry

Scraping back the floor the chisel went straight through the floor pan!
[Image: 49424687392_92dc832408_o.jpg]

This car was supposed to be an Arizona rot free car! ........Yeah Right  Angry 
 [Image: 49423993103_c3f80f4d2b_o.jpg]

So the next job was cutting out the Rot ......
[Image: 49424716867_00c7e01ea9_o.jpg]
This car would now be perfect for Fred Flintstone  Haha
I have Bedrock for a floor  Big Grin

The new pan fits Good  thumb
[Image: 49424621887_1f5dee06f5_o.jpg]

[Image: 49424716827_9f84e8a115_o.jpg]

My main struggle is I do not have a garage to work on this car, so I'm outside battling with the weather Sad
[Image: 49424577372_06484e6f4e_o.jpg]

Will update as progress continues Smile
Mark UK
Found out why the exhaust was blowing! Idiots had welded it up from under the car and could not get to the top part of the exhaust.
I think a 3 year old could have made a better job of welding!
[Image: 49424018998_aa47d8ba8f_c.jpg]
As you can see, this car truly has been worked on by Cowboys!
Using a Dremel with small drills I managed to Drill out the rusted screw threads and make good the holes where the roof drip rail sits and upper weatherstrip.

I also fitted an electric aerial on the car today. Reason being, I can now get the car cover on and off more easley.

Sadly I keep finding more and more problems with the bodywork.

Just wondering, How easy is it to remove the whole interior dash? I have found rust issues in the lower front cowl area Sad
Well today things just got a whole lot worse Sad

Lifting the front carpet I found that there are several small holes in the passenger front floor pan! This is because the Heater box has been broken and the condensate pipe from the A/C is missing.
[Image: 49484778913_4405fd0739_c.jpg]

[Image: 49484754688_e4ed5359f8_c.jpg]
[Image: 49484754213_bfa8b88b6d_c.jpg]

Its looking like I have to remove the whole heater A/C box and repair it, That is a big job!
Being in the UK Shipping a replacement heater box will be very expensive with Duty and customs so I'm not happy at the moment Sad

Also I have to address the passenger floor pan issue! Does anyone supply a short front RH floor pan for a 71? They list one for earlier models but I can't find a 71 short floor pan
I like your determination to work on the car outside in winter in England. Your life would get a lot easier if you spent about $120.00 USD plus UK taxes, to buy the 1971 Ford shop manuals, and the Body, Interior, and Electrical assembly manuals. I could never have properly completed the restoration of my 1972 Mach1 without them. Keep up the good work. Chuck
Finally got the Heater box removed after getting the A/C Drained.
This was the state of the Heater box when viewed from under the dash with the glove box insert removed,
[Image: 49485478907_170ae20abb_z.jpg]

[Image: 49579792591_126cb01814_z.jpg]

[Image: 49580019587_0486c7e72b_z.jpg]

[Image: 49579289958_5bd5707019_z.jpg]

[Image: 49579793276_2631d9a93d_z.jpg]

[Image: 49580020387_caeed01f92_z.jpg]

Needless to say a new Heater Box is required!
Now I looked around for a New heater box with A/C and checked out all the usual Websites,
It pays to look around because I got one over $100 bucks cheaper than the going rate!
My new Heater Box
[Image: 49580207772_3b35bffd9d_z.jpg]

Another interesting issue was found when removing the Heater box, Some previous idiot had overtightened the A/C Evaporator Core pipe!
Now its not leaking and I can't see any fracture cracking so I am wondering weather to try and untwist the pipe or leave it as it is? Thoughts?
[Image: 49580020787_c9a6f1c233_z.jpg]

[Image: 49579793736_924ffa1b27_z.jpg]

Next Issue Sad
Lower RHS inner Cowl area. This is what I have found so far......
[Image: 49623743042_98c298dd2f_z.jpg]

[Image: 49623471941_fa5925620d_z.jpg]

[Image: 49623750892_e48891c742_z.jpg]

[Image: 49622955428_a273a7989f_z.jpg]

Now I do have a cracked front windscreen, so the screen does need to be replaced, so if I get the screen out I think the best way to tackle this is to remove the hood, cut the top RHS of the upper cowl away and then cut out and replace the lower part Sad
Currently I can only find a whole Upper and lower cowl for a 1971?
Is anyone making just the RHS Lower section for a 71/73 yet?
Forgot to mention I have also found holes in the Drivers Front foot area too Sad
[Image: 49623479991_db92aebea2_z.jpg]

And the LHS Rear floor pan, so have ordered another Rear quarter pan.

I'm not a fabricator and have no experience of welding, but I have found a local guy that used to fabricate and build Hot rods for the dirt oval tracks.
The car is going in for its first bout of welding next week.

I do have a question though, When you do welding to the floor pans, do you cut the hole out to exactly match the replacement panel or do you leave a 1/2" lip all round so that the new pan has a bit of extra metal to hold it in place? Probably a dumb question, But I'm here to learn.
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