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9 inch brake booster
I found and bought the Leeds 9" Brake booster not knowing that our originals are 11". Has anybody used one of these? I would think it would save a little room under the hood? And it is supposed to function as good as the original. I'm not too worried about the "stock" look, just wanted a functioning booster. Any info would be greatly appreciated!![Image: DSCI0342.jpg]
A single diaphragm 9" vacuum booster cannot provide the same boost as a single diaphragm 11" vacuum booster. The 11" booster diaphragm has 33% more surface area than the 9" booster. You would have to get a double vacuum 9" booster to increase boost, which would have the smaller diameter, but be longer.

You'll have to let us know how it works out, unless someone on the forum has already given it a try.

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