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7th in series (1971 sportsroof)
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Hope to start on headliner next week

It might be lonely at the Top...But it's a Bitch at the Bottom

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Keep the video's coming
Nice video! I would highly recommend replacing that air cleaner as they are known as fire hazards.

Jeff T.

Low buck, touring style, '73 Convertible "rolling restoration", 351c, 2v heads with a shave and a haircut, Performer intake, Holley 650(ish), roller rockers, screw in studs, guideplates, stainless valves, Duraspark / Motorsports MSD, T-5 conversion. 1-1/8" front, 3/4" rear swaybars KYB shocks and some home brewed subframe connectors. Future plans; JGC steering box, Cobra brakes and... paint, interior, etc.

When I die I want to die like grandpa, peacefully in my sleep... not screaming, like his passenger.

[Image: 1_12_09_14_10_15_11.png]
Yeah, definitely in the works to get a different one. I have heard horror stories on them, one backfire and you got a real fire, but they sure look coolSmile

It might be lonely at the Top...But it's a Bitch at the Bottom

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