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73 rear bumper brackets
Anyone know where I can get some rear bumper brackets for my 73? I have searched just about everywhere and came up empty.
Ouch! Another one year only part. We are last in line for consideration on repo parts, so I don't look for those to be done any time soon. D3ZZ-17787-A (right rear) and D3ZZ-17788-A (left rear) were available from Ford until they were discontinued early 1995. I'm surprised they carried those parts as long as they did. We have two member/Venders that may be able to help you source some used ones. Don (Ohio Mustang Supply) and Mike at Motorcity Mustang. They both have parts cars and are good at finding difficult things. If not, maybe one of our Forum members may have something. Good luck on your search!


No Officer...I really don't know how fast I was going, my speedometer stopped at 140!
Thank you Steve. I have already started modifying some 72 brackets just in case I cannot find some decent 73s. Going to notch the top where it fits over the top cover. Then cut the brackets on both sides and weld in a spacer to make up the difference in length.

Not cheap - but it is new!

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