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73 Mustang FB
Building a 73 Fastback  351C, auto, a/c car for my youngest granddaughter. She is 8 so I have a couple of years. Seem to be having trouble finding good B pillars to replace rusty FL parts. Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks Russell
Check with CJ Pony parts. They have some fiberglass reproduction pillars.

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Welcome from Oregon. We like pictures of your car.

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You can always go with a "B" pillar from a donor car like I did, got it from Don @ OMS! GLAD I did!!!

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I have a Grandé I'm parting with good pillars I'll PM you
Maybe you should just look for a rust free one to start with saves lots of money. If yours is just a FB not Mach 1 they sell for less also. I was at estate sale this year and a red 73 FB with original paint and not rust sold for $3,000 and he drove it home. He was going to pull the engine out and put a 390 in came with extra NASA hood also. 
The rusty ones will kill you fixing. By the time you replace cowl, floors, torque boxes, trunk, wheel houses and on and on you will have way more in than you could have just bought a good one for. You can sometimes find a body shell cheap or a failed rebuild.

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Hello and Welcome from Cali.
Welcome from France

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Welcome from Ohio. Good luck on your build. Your granddaughter is lucky to have a grandfather like you.


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