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73 mustang ac wiring question
I’m reinstalling the ac heater box and wiring. The wiring for the thermostatic switch ( deicing) is a green wire and a black wire with white dashes. Does it matter which terminal on the switch? The wires are circled in blue. Any help is greatly appreciated.
I accidentally put this same question in the electronic forum if an admin could delete that one I would appreciate it. [Image: 88a91d39dba1b1d69abf8ab43b14b78f.jpg]

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I don't think it matters which wires are on which terminals, but here is a picture of mine which shows the black wire on the right and the green wire on the left as you face the terminals.

[Image: 12-21-2018-11-17-07-AM.png]

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Thanks. I didn’t think so but better to be safe than sorry.

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