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73 mach1 Restomod!
Hey everyone! I just picked a 73 Mach1, 351c 2v C6 auto bone stock. Not currently running but the that should change! 

Always wanted to do my own build thread so here it goes!

Part1: Get title. Car was purchased super cheap as it didn’t have a title and needed needed to go thru the bonded process.
Part2: Clean! See what we really have to work with!

 More to come! 

[Image: 8-C9892-A2-7822-4-D6-E-A542-B5-B36-AA4-CD3-A.jpg]

[Image: 15457-D23-FDF1-4814-AE09-13-FE24-F2-B9-EF.jpg]

[Image: 90-AA779-C-2-CC5-4-D48-8157-CB60-A06-EC5-BB.jpg]

[Image: CA75-C9-F1-BCB2-474-F-9816-EC5-E1-CAEB224.jpg]

[Image: 335819-DD-700-C-4-F6-E-AAA9-54-E22-F3-B650-D.jpg]

[Image: 2504664-A-55-B0-401-C-AC7-B-22-BC4651-B95-A.jpg]

[Image: 74355579-997-B-4045-8-E55-74-EDC8-D39-C95.jpg]
Got her all clean! Also bought a set of foose wheels as two of the tires are destroyed and I’m not a fan of the 14” magnums.
[Image: 2-CEA6-CA5-1828-4063-92-B9-D1-A0-FF251793.png]

[Image: FD0779-AB-D015-4-D97-8152-97470183-BB1-C.jpg]

[Image: 9-E34-A7-F9-1285-415-C-8-BF9-1-C4-EDA39-E7-CA.jpg]
So! Found some rust in the battery tray. And by some I mean the battery tray is gone. Sooo! Gonna be busting out the welder.

Also pulled the intake and carb off to get ready to throw on a Edelbrock performer 2v dual plane I picked up used $160 on eBay. Gonna get a powder coat machine from Harbour Freight. Not sure what color yet. Thoughts?

Thinking going with a Holley Demon Carb. Had great success with one on my 69 F350 with a 460. In the future will do the Holley sniper or similar.

One for the interior all cleaned out too. They did a number on the steering column. But I have title in hand so yay!

[Image: 58-AE3740-084-B-411-A-8439-6488-B32-D9793.jpg]

[Image: F0-ABB5-CF-E853-43-C8-8-A2-B-5-C929-C429318.jpg]

[Image: 862-C3-DFF-B9-B0-4417-B1-D5-D517-EEF1-C0-B4.png]

[Image: 8-A0-AB880-BC88-4-DEC-8389-749-B70-DE3883.jpg]
Looks like a nice car to start with. I’ll be looking forward to the progress. Ryan

1973 Mach 1, Porsche Guards Red, 429/C6
1972 Mach 1, Grabber Blue, 302/C4, currently under construction
You NEED to meet Chris Long (in Gilbert) for 1971 -73 Parts !!! PM me for Cel

Cant wait to see progress on your resto. Keep us updated regularly

My car was purchased from Pheonix. I checked the Marti report and it was sold when new in Pheonix so looks like it spent its first 45 years there. Now its in the UK. If your bodywork is as good as mine there will be a small rusted piece where the driver rests his foot. Other than that mine is rust free Big Grin

1971 Grandé
Well, they are never 100% rust free. There's always rust where body panels overlap, torque boxes and inside frame rails! Did I forget something, cowl?

71-73 Mustangs never die, they just go faster!
Good to see you have got started on the build, glad the title came through.
When you tackle the inner fender and battery box you will need one of the reinforcements in the picture. The inner fender does not come with it and the Mustang supply houses do not have them. Somebody on Ebay makes them and sells. They are sold out quick each time they show up. I got one when I first saw them couple years ago. The part actually had the weld nuts that the actual battery tray bolts to. You need the reinforcement before you start it goes under the inner fender and sits on the frame rail horn.
I see the car is black. Does the car have the door sticker? If so and if it came from factory as black it will have a 6 digit DSO code and no paint code on the sticker. First two numbers are the actual DSO code and last four are the Special Order number. Ford has done this since they launched the Mustang. The first one was a coupe with real leather interior for Henry Ford II.
I have a 73 factory black vert. They only made 38 Special Paint fastbacks with standard vinyl black interiors AA code for interior. So it would be a rare find but rare does not make them worth more in some cases. So if it was Special Order for Paint & Trim it would have came with an Argent front bumper and the rubber fillers in front of the rear bumper will also be Argent. Yours probably painted like mine.
The reason they took black off the list was due to the horrible condition of the bodies going to paint. It took lots more work to get the black cars ready to paint so Ford took off the option list in 72.
If you pull the seats out and take the carpet up look for your Build Sheet. If Special Order the Special instructions will be on the bottom half of the Build Sheet in the Remarks section. It will state to install the Argent Front Bumper for sure.
If you order a Marti he can only confirm that it was a Special Order for Paint & Trim but does not have the records of what it included. It was shown as an option on the window sticker and cost $99.95 on my vert.
Picture of reinforcement you need, copy of my Marti for black vert, picture of door sticker, picture of the build sheet in horrible shape and pic of another black vert another member has that still had it's Argent pieces.
To find the reinforcement go to Ebay and search for Battery Box Reinforcement 1973 Mustang. He might not have his add up if out of stock.
Keep posting your progress.
[Image: s-l1600-2.jpg]

[Image: 12-1-3.jpg]

[Image: DSC-0492.jpg]

[Image: Argent1.jpg]

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When a man is in the woods and talks and no women are there is he still wrong??
Please share the "Resto-Mod" plans.  Mainly appearance like the wheels?  Upgrade to power train and braking system?  Just curious.

I like what you have to start with, it looks pretty solid.  I have to be honest, the hood damage makes it look kinda mean with the dropped center.  It would be cool to see if that were a possible mod to the nose appearance.

Is the engine sitting in there OK?  In the pictures it looks like the passenger side is lower than the drivers side.  Are the motor mounts OK?

Curious to see the progress and the plan.  I spent so many years collecting original for parts I am going to end up with an old school restoration.  All the old stuff instead of Fuel Injection and overdrive tranny.

Looks like a good project so far so keep us all posted and don't forget the pics
A wealth of info on this site
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