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73 mach1

File Name: marti report.pdf
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73 mach1  Screenshot
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Author Message
ok guys got my marti report for my 73 mach. i have a few questions because i dont know anything about my cars history.
my car has options right now of
nasa hood with two-tone paint and hood lock downs
fold down seat
deluxe interior
rear spoiler
triple gauge package
center consol
dual sport mirrors
351c 2v
bumper guards

my question is based on my report it doesnt show the hood hold downs, tach, triple gauge package. any info would be great. one good thing is i live in maine and my car is from maine as well. have you guys tried to contact the orginal dealership to see if any info is left on your car. i still cant believe my car came with a vinyl top. my car won't be going back to stock color because i want to make it what i want. but it will be a factory color. thanks ryan
Hey Ryan! How are you?? I´m not an expert on those factory options but i can tell you a lot of the guys will help you understanding your car and its optioning... From what i can read, maybe the report doesn´t especify the standard options for a Mach1 as the tach, triple gauge pack etc... For what i know those things were (i may be wrong in here...) stardard on Mach 1 models.

Damián Cool

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Hi Ryan. You may want to check on getting the Eminger invoice from Marti. It has information not listed on the Marti report.
If you can't get the Eminger try for a copy of the original window sticker, same info and also has all the pricing. My car listed
for $4796 and was sold for $3938.96 including 12 gallons high octane gas for $4.


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The leather wrapped steering wheel is a great option. Any idea which color you are thinking of going with?

Mike AKA Ole Pony & Rare Pony

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upload a photo on internet

Nice options!

1965 D Code
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The twist locks came with the tu tone paint. The tach is part of the guage pacage.Our cars were built in the same month.Mine was completed on December 22 1972.

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Hi Ryan, the 3 gauge package & tach could come on a car via 2 different routes. It could be ordered independent of other options or they come as a part of the optional Mach 1 interior which is how your car has them. The cars that have the "sports" Mach 1 interior will have the gauges and tach but the gauges and tach won't show up in the Marti report.

What color are you thinking about going with? Are you staying with the Ginger interior?

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05 Convertible, Legend Lime/Tan/Tan, future classic??
thanks guys for the help. my car was converted to black interior. which im going to keep i like it better. im not going to stay with its original colors. im thinking of the dark forest green color with argent stripes. i like the 71-72 better so i think im going with them. the reason is its my first car and its never going to be sold so i want to make how i want it while not going to far away from original. i got the 200 marti report so i think i get the window sticker with it.
faste that is pretty neat that ours were built so close was yours built in dearborn?
going to really get going on it in the spring. i need to do front frame rails on the car since someone has put it in the ditch at some point and it was full of dirt and rusted out.
Nice car good luck with your project.

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