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73 Mach 1 project, 351 out, 521 in
.611/.611 lift, Dur 282/290, Dur @ .050 231/239, LSA/ICL 110/106

I gasket matched the heads and intake. Nothing in the important areas.

10.25 to 1 CR.
Power plant looks great!!!!  Headers look awesome!!!!  Nicely done!!


Tucson, Az
1973 SportsRoof
351C bored .040
Crank .020  and Stock cam
Flattop pistons
Edelbrock 4bbl CARB 800 CFM ELEC CHOKE
Edelbrock Performer 2750 Intake Manifold

[Image: NewPrimedHood_zpsw2jaj0cu.jpg]
I'm not sure you will be at 600 but it will be fun!
Thanx Tim.

Just got my quote from Modern DriveLine for the TKO600. Get that ordered up in the next couple days. I'd like to have this ready to roll by May 1st.
I like what I see! Should be a hole lot of fun when done.

- Mike
More progress!!!

The TKO600 showed up and we got right to installing that on the motor. The Modern Driveline Kit was great. Everything went just about perfect with that. Then we installed the FPA headers. Here's where the nightmare began. The flanges were warped to start but Stan assured me they would pull in with the header bolts and seal up fine. The right side was warped .110 at the worst point. Trying to install them we couldn't get all the bolts in at the same time. Ended up drilling out the front and rear bolt holes bigger. Then they would all go in except the front. Now had to file the hole on the tube side until the bolt would finally line up and thread in. The left side installed fine but it was up against the Quicktime bellhousing. Had to sawzall the bellhousing for clearance. NOW it was time to pit the motor, tranny and headers in. There was more room than I expected. BUT it wouldn't sit on the motor mounts because the header was hitting the steering box. Pulled the header and took the maul to it. After three times it fit with 1/8"-1/4" of clearance. I hope it doesn't rattle on the box once it's running. We had to smash it in about a half an inch.

[Image: TKO600_1.jpg]

[Image: Motor_Tranny2.jpg]

[Image: Headers1.jpg]

[Image: Motor_Install1.jpg]

[Image: Header_Dimple1.jpg]

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