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73 Mach 1 project, 351 out, 521 in

Making progress on my project so I thought I would post some info. It's a 351 CJ Mach1 car but not stock at all so I didn't feel bad about bastardizing it. It was originally a 351 CJ auto car that was gold with black interior and a vinyl top. It's now black with ginger interior and a 4 speed car. I built a 521 for it with Eagle crank and H-Beam rods, Wiseco forged pistons, Procomp heads, Lunati Hyd Roller Cam, Comp lifters, Roller Rockers, Manley Nextek springs, Stealth intake. I have the FI Tech Meanstreet 800 EFI I'm going to put on it. Just received my FPA headers, super nice!!! We have had great luck using the high temp POR-15 paint on exhaust manifolds so I'm trying it on the headers.

[Image: 521pic5.jpg]

The 351 was rebuilt and ran great with good oil pressure. it was a mild performance build but the guy didn't have any paperwork to back that up. Just pulled it and put it on Minneapolis Craigslist.

I was fooled on the toploader, The tag is RUG-AJ. Turns out is was re-cased. It's a small input, small output, wide ratio. Not the end of the world as I plan to put a TKO600 in it. It just would have been nice to have the real RUG-AJ....

[Image: 20170303_111908.jpg]

[Image: 20170303_112250.jpg]

[Image: 20170304_111225.jpg]

[Image: 20170305_120809.jpg]
Any problems with roller rocker clearance with those heads and valve covers?
found it on craigslist. a little more than I want to spend, but nice engine. :-)

1972 Mustang Fastback
3 boys and a hubby
Two of the poly locks hit the baffle in the valve cover (one on each side). I put em on the lathe and turned them down a little and put em back on. Fit good now with single standard gaskets,
I was asking because those valve covers don't work real great with SCJ-A heads and roller rockers.Even have to be careful with valve spring selection.I had to use the Comp Ultra Pro Magnum rockers,had to clearance in the bottom corners,flatten the baffles and use the double stacked fel pro gasket.
That was my fear when I bought them, so I was a little surprised when that was all I had to do. I love the way they look!
They do look good.Mine are just the plain ones.Im getting ready to go to the taller Ford Racing ones when I change cams.I won't have enough room for the springs I'll need for more cam.
What kind of power are you expecting out of it?
I was on the fence about dynoing it before I put it in. It's just gonna be a fun street car. I would hope 600ish isn't too unrealistic.
What are your cam specs and any port work on heads?
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