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73 fastback quarter panel damage
I have a 1973 Mustang fastback. Car has hardly any rust and in really good shape besides the second owner pushed it on the trailer with a skid steer when he was about to haul it away for scrap before I saved it. Anyways, I'm wanting to drive it as it is, I like the rusted paint job, and I can handle bumps and bruises on old cars, but this is a little severe for my taste. I dont have money to get it fixed right, but enough to maybe have a body shop try and pull some of it out. But before I go to the body shop, I wanted your opinions on it. I have a new bumper that will hide some of the damage in the corner, but I'm wanting the whole quarter panel pulled back to fix that crease by the wheel well and to line up with the trunk lid. And fix the lazy taillight panel. Do you think it's possible to pull it back to its orginal place, or is it gonna be like opening a can of worms. Thanks![Image: 20190917-214921.jpg]

[Image: 20190917-214848.jpg]
Looks like you have solid metal there.  I would pull it.

Call a frame shop and see what $100 will get you.

That is minimal damage for sure. They will chain down put a little pull on the metal and hammer and dolly back near perfect. If you take the end cap and tail light and everything off will save you some $ at the body shop. They might need the parts to check fit going back. 
Glad you saved another one.

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  1. Good deal, thanks guys! I dragged my wrecked 72 to the local body shop who does a really good job, but he's kindve a d*ck. I had a new quarter panel for it and he took one look at  it and said its f***ked, I'm not even gonna touch it. Kinda made me feel stupid, so I didn't wanna drag another one to him and have him tell me it's a train wreck and hes not touch it again haha. This is the 72 coupe that I fixed up years ago and some kid wrecked into the side of it [Image: IMG-156043931235-F.jpg]
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We have forum members who have fixed much worse themselves, both cars are repairable. They will require time and effort, especially the coupe, and your local guy probably has too much lucrative insurance work to devote the time needed. Too many body shops look at repairs as whether or not the cost of repairs exceeds the value of the vehicle, as do the insurance companies.

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Agree with everyone else's opinion. That quarter end cap is junk for sure, so you will need to get another. Be aware the that 73 caps are different, they are shorter and have a rubber filler piece. If you plan on re-using all of the '73 rear bumper bits, you'll need the cap, the rubber filler and most likely the steel horizontal filler panel. If you switch to the 71-72 rear bumper brackets, you can eliminate the panel and just get a set of good 71-72 sportsroof caps.

I would get the cap(s) before bringing the shell to your body guy, so he has them to test fit when pulling the quarter.

To me the tail panel looks like it has some rot at the tail light gasket.

A new tail panel and a quarter panel patch would not be that bad.  I've done it- it is just a lot of time.
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