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73 Convert rear quarter panel removal
I have some obvious and (not so obvious) questions about this procedure:
1. Is is necessary to remove the convertible top and frame before starting or can it be kept in place?
2. From what I've seen, the old quarter panel has to be cut in such a way as to allow a "lip" for you to attach the replacement quarter by spot welding it on to the lip. How big should this lip measure and are there any good threads with pictures detailing the entire diss assembly process? (I.E. what other parts need to be remove before cutting off the old quarters?)
3. Finally, how are the new quarters held in place while being welded?

Regards, Chet
Have you ever done this before?

If not, I'd recommend finding a good body shop. Not for novices like me.


[Image: 25yvyp3.jpg]
1 you can work around the top
2 measure, remeasure, and measure again before cutting. You will need to remove any parts attached to area you are replacing. check door, trunk alignment before cutting...if this is good, this gives you a reference point (do not change this alignment). drilling the old spot welds is the best way to remove the old quarter and then modify the new panel as needed to meet the previous alignment.
3 I hold my panels in place for welding several ways, vice grips, and self tapping screws are my most common choices. I use a spot welder, tig, and mig for the job and you will need some fabrication skills for this type of project (tempers can flare).
Thanks for all the information Wendell, This kind of project is probably beyond my skill level, but It's nice to know whats involved if I ever improve my welding skills.
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