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73 Center Gauge Trim
I am looking to restore my '73 vert interior, but all the repro Center Gauge consoles appear to NOT have the dash light. Does anyone know of a repro that has it or am I stuck using my dremel tool and hoping I have a steady hand?

Mustang Bob
Burbank, CA

'73 Mustang "Q" Code Convertible
'68 Pontiac GTO
i posted in the other thread but.

all the panels have the mounts needed to install the map lights.
you have to take it from your original and install it on the new one.

the map light itself other then the lense is not made reproduction currently.

map lights were an option and they are kind of rare.

remember the map light goes above the area for the a/c vents or cubby hole if you didn't have the a/c option.

you your car did not have a map light it received a blank plastic cover plate with 2 countersunk screws.

early cars have the provision for hooking up the map light, later cars ford moved the connector to a daughter circuit behind the dash and you had to order the car with convenience group to receive the connector in the dash harness.
71 had the hookup for the map light.
early 72 required a separate harness but kept the floor convenience light connectors as standard
late 72 and 73 had both the map light and floor lights on a separate optional harness.

I bought a repop center from Don at Ohio.It had the provisions for the map light.I do remeber that there was a part on the new peice that was exactly 180 out from where it was supposed to be.I had to discard the new mount and re-use my old one.All in all a good part though.

[Image: 16kuyc0.jpg]
Yes, it came with the map light. I don't know if all convertibles came with it since the map light would be the only interior light other than floor lighs. Thanks for the advice on that.

Mustang Bob
Burbank, CA

'73 Mustang "Q" Code Convertible
'68 Pontiac GTO
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