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73 Alternator Belt
I have a 73 351C without AC.. Was spending some time enjoying the nice weather the past few morning and driving around a bit.. Noticed my Alternator light went on (good news it's working). Popped the hood and the belt had snapped off. Looks like it may have been an original belt.

Did some quick internet searches but I can't find what belt I should use to replace it.. I see a lot of the serpentine belt but not the alternator belt.. Has me thinking may make sense to replace it as well..

What belt size do I need for the alternator? Also if there are any write ups on how to replace it along with the serpentine that would be great.. Thanks!
I cannot help you on a serpentine belt as they were never oem on our cars. I see 3 different sizes for a 73 Cleveland without a/c. If you were trying to stay all original id say look for any numbers on the broken belt and try to match with a supplier of repro parts. But doesnt sound like you have a concours engine so you might try the site for the Goodyear Gatorback V-belts. The site provides part numbers as well as length and width numbers for the belts. The you can use the part number to order from almost any local or online parts supplier. Your belt should be between 38 and 43 inches long. And more important the belt should fit on the pully properly; not too deep in the V (too thin) and not above the sides of the pulley (too wide). The new Goodyears are quieter and run cooler than originals ever did. Should last another 40yrs.

Wait...."serpentine" belt. Do you mean the bel that goes around the power steering pump, the fan and the main pulley? If so, that would be called the power steering belt i believe. Same procedure as the Alt belt. Should be around 53" give or take. Fitting belts is not an exact science IMO.
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