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72 race car update
I figured I would start my own thread so people could see what I'm doing to my 72 over the next several months. When I bought the car it had a 73 nose on it and I was never very happy with it so I ordered a new one piece 72 nose.

[Image: DSC00911.jpg]

I started fitting the front end the other day. There is a bunch of fab work left but should only take a day or two to get it all together.

[Image: 9C328B76-60E2-42EE-B846-9A16CC0D7A8D_zps1azlidct.jpg]

I just finished putting a 460 based motor together for this car. hopefully it will put the car into the 9.70's

[Image: 667392FC-23F7-4BD2-876F-C87E2F953430_zpstm0pwurn.jpg]

[Image: 766B4469-A894-426C-8208-4253B7E0E03D_zpsn8c7jwm0.jpg]

Bought some new dancing shoes the other day

[Image: 543B6FD7-937C-478B-B794-35BE3D001803_zpsdooyubag.jpg]

So once we get the fuel car all put back together I will get a little extra time to start the paint on the 72, i just finished painting the AA/FD dragster and I won't feel like sanding very soon. We should be making a pass in a couple weeks with it.

[Image: B8165D32-284E-4FBB-AEE0-D1F538E51AC7_zpssfuyhqas.jpg]
Glad to see it going back to 72 front. Keep the updates coming
Great pictures. What is the green car in the background? Chuck
c9zx;190283 Wrote:Great pictures. What is the green car in the background? Chuck
The green car in the back ground is a 67 cougar
460bbf;190334 Wrote:The green car in the back ground is a 67 cougar
Being a cougar fan I'd like to know more about the car if you feel like sharing.
The cougar is broke at the moment, just have not had time with the 72 and fuel car to jerk the motor out and see what happened, I think it spun a bearing. Anyway its a ladder bar, and is gutted drag only type of car. Powered by small block with an Enderle injection set up on top. back by a c4 trans. we never made a good pass with the car, it was new to us this year, so I don't know what it will run.

[Image: 40F51165-8C76-4270-A164-A934EA31A423_zpspxfk1g6p.jpg]

[Image: 961828A9-B942-405F-89C8-659A68FB7C30_zpsrcpv4un9.jpg]

[Image: F88284AE-D408-4AF3-9ECA-7643F22A6505_zps97u1xgmb.jpg]

[Image: A59A7ED6-11C2-42EB-8DF3-6C09C67FC175-801...a2f41e.jpg]

1973 Mach 1 Q code 351 4V, 9A paint, standard interior, 3.50 rear, C6 trans.
Oh yeah!! Very cool!
Thanks for posting the pictures. It looks like you had Tulsa all to yourselves, very cool. Chuck
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