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'72 Mach 1 slippery
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Testing the traction, conclusion - no traction. It felt much more violent and scary in the cockpit. Never lifted the pedal. Big Grin

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Cool run, what was the time? That 71 460 fastback is a beast!!
You started "out of the groove" and I'll bet the temp was under 22 degrees celsius. That wall comes up quick doesn't it! Chuck
I cant tell, Do you have slicks on it? If you have regular street tires then you should be driving around the water box! Water gets in the tread grooves and will cause you to lose traction! If you do have slicks you might try dropping the pressure a bit!

Man I cant wait to get mine on the street and the strip! They have a Big Ford weekend at Maryland International Raceway in October. It may not be painted by then but I sure would love to take it!

1973 Mach 1 429 cu. in. H.P. TBD, C6 Reverse Manual Valve with 3500 Stall Tranny, 9" rear 3.90 PosiTrac
2007 Mustang GT Convertible Premium
Absolutely right commments! Thanks guys. Youtube pass is with normal street radial, gave some rpm from the burn out box. Yes, I also staged out of the groove, it really seems to affect. I've got now a better coils in front and a new shocks made for quarter, should work once I got the baby running again.

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