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72 Mach 1 H Code

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72 Mach 1 H Code Screenshot
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Author Message
Here's my Marti Report...confirms the green interior with pewter metallic paint...only 44 with that combo...

How can I determine if my car originally had the blackened hood?

When I bought the car, it had a tach but the options indicate it didn't come factory with a tach. Is it possible the Mach 1 interior package comes with a tach? From what I've seen, it should have a clock in place of the tach.

The next question is...when I restore it, am I going to significantly reduce the value by deviating from the interior/exterior factory colors? I'd really appreciate some input on this one.

In 1972 your Mach 1 would have to been ordered with the Ram Air option to receive the black or argent accented hood which included two twist style hood locks. That would show on your Marti report as "Ram Air Option".
In 1972 the Mach 1 sport interior option now included the tachometer. My 71 Mach 1 has the Mach 1 Sport interior but had a clock in the left side cluster. The tachometer was an additional cost option in 71.
As far as the value of your car goes, do you plan on keeping it long enough that you may be buried in it? Do you plan on Concours showing it? If not, then do what you feel you like and don't worry about what anyone else thinks. No one on this site would berate you for anything except installing a Chevrolet engine in it
With only 44 units built with that color/interior combo and sitting from 11/71 till 4/72 before being sold, it looks like that was not a popular color/interior choice.
If your not going to show your car, fix it to the way you want it and enjoy it. I've learned now to not pass on one of these cars because of not liking a color or interior. In the late 70's I passed on a white 71 sports roof because of the vermillion interior. The kicker was that it was a J code 429 CJ! My reasoning was, "These cars are a dime a dozen, you can find em everywhere". If I only knew then what I know now. (How many times have you heard that before)?


No Officer...I really don't know how fast I was going, my speedometer stopped at 140!

As secluff pointed out...your car is "rare" because it had a color combo that people didn't want back in the day. The silver with green interior is likely why it sat on the dealers lot for nearly 5 months.

If your car was a Q code or a HO car or even if it had a bunch of options making it a "special" car then I would say to keep it all original. This is not the case for this car which would lead me to tell you to do what you want with it. As a compromise, you may want to keep the correct exterior silver and maybe just swap out the interior to black or red. This would probably help sell it easier and retain the most value when the time came.

1972 Q Code Convertible
Jeff, that's along the lines of what I was thinking also. A good paint job costs 3-5x the cost of swapping the color of the interior. I like the silver but the Mrs does not... We'll see what happens, but grabber blue is still on the table.

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