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72 Mach 1 Build Date
Hey Guys, new to the forum here. I am trying to figure out the build date of my 1972 mach 1. Some parts I am looking to order are based on whether the car was built prior to 7/72 or after 8/72. I have the vin which tells me the consecutive build number but no tag in the door. Anything I can look at on the car to indicate whether it is pre 7/72 or post 8/72?

Thanks guys
Buy a Marti report and it will give you all of the dates you need. Ordered, constructed, delivered,ect. Not to mention it's great history and documentation to have. Good luck.

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Hello! Here is a link to a thread here were members have posted up their Marti Reports.


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upload a photo on internet

OK, thanks for that link. I just ordered a Marti Report. I can't wait to see it.

I think you will be pleased upon receipt of your "Marti" Report, Scott!

When you get the opportunity, how about starting a thread on the "Introduction Forum" so that we can properly "welcome" you to our community.


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welcome Scott! That Marti report was the best thing I could have done for myself! Found out my car was a one-of-one!


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oohh yes...i think every mustang should have a marti report if they can....deluxe is about 50 bucks...and if you pay a little extra you can get the sheet from the elite for a break down of how many of your car was made.....with out paying the elite price.....but dont get just the 19 dollar report if you can...it wil just lead you too wanting more...most of what is in the 19 dollar report you can figure out your self...but the deluxe and elite have information that only marti and ford know about your car...and i hope you post it!! ..like seeing what comes out of marti reports.
Hey guys, the Marti Report is here and my 72 mach 1 was built in November of 71. The biggest surprise for me was that the original color was Light Pewter Metallic Paint. The car is currently red. I am going to post the report over in the Marti Report section when I get a moment.

Sounds GREAT, Scott!

I imagine you could hardly wait for that bad boy to arrive, huh?


Do the RIGHT thing.
cobra3073;32318 Wrote:Sounds GREAT, Scott!

I imagine you could hardly wait for that bad boy to arrive, huh?


You have no idea. Well, you probably do since you own a mustang too.

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