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72 Grandé Coupe project, starting Fall 2017!
Good to see progress
I was glad to see the end of all the floor work I had done
Now just working on the outside slowly
Had "1 of those days" today in the garage. Nothing major, but you know them...  Everything fights, and takes 3 times longer than it should!

Got most of the front suspension together. The right front coil spring wasn't seated quite right at first, and had to play with that. The left side brakes was missing an anti-rattle spring, so I ordered a new one. Went to put it on, and found the little bolt had been broken off in the hole, explains why the clip wasn't there, lol. Guess it is staying that way for now, wish I had seen that when the spindle was off, would have messed with it then. 

I put new control arms on it, figured the ones on it were prob original, so due for some fresh balljoints. Good thing too, the right upper arm came apart at the shaft when I took it off! I had seen that it had loosened up, the nut had backed off, didn't realize it was actually completely apart though. That could have been a bad day on the road!  When I got the new arm out of the package, I put the straight zerks on it. After installing it and getting everything together, realized that it would be almost impossible to grease. So while still on the car, got the straight ones off, and finally managed to get some 90 degree zerks on them without tearing everything apart. Took awhile, but was able to do it. Had 1 zerk that just wouldn't point the correct way, I was afraid to strip the hole out by turning it too much, and too loose when pointed out like it should. I put some locktite on the threads and left it loose, and will check it tomorrow to see if it holds. If not, it is steel, I will tack it in place. That's your tip of the day, do those BEFORE installing the upper arm!

Went to put the strut rods on, but with the car in the air with the lower arm hanging, can't get the right angle to install them. I tried to jack up the bottom of the arm, but with no motor in it, was just raising the whole car, not compressing the spring, so decided to wait on those till the motor is in. 

At this point, I decided to just do some mindless wirewheel work since nothing wanted to go right. So cleaned up the floor and top of the trunk floor. Got it basically done, and started on the chassis saver paint. Got most of the floor done, and ran out of paint! Never made it to the trunk. I'll have to get more next week. Offically decided to quit for the day and watch some football!

I will mess with it tomorrow if I feel like it. Been working on cars long enough to know there are days like this, sometimes all you can do is try again another time. Smh! But I told myself, when I started this build thread, I was going to show warts and all, things don't always go the way I wanted. That's life!

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Well, time for an update, which isn't much of an update at all. But I went to a car cruise tonight, and made me think about this.

Basically, I have stalled...  Just after my last update, my Mother, who had been in failing health for a while, and we lived with her to help take care of her, got worse. She had a stroke years ago, and 1 side of her body didn't work. She finally had a fall, and after a hospital stay had to go to a nursing home as she needed round the clock care we couldn't provide. Then, in March, she passed.

The motor is still at the builders shop, he has been busy, and my engine hasn't been done yet.  He does really good work, and he drag races during the summer, so I haven't pushed him since the body is all apart anyway.  Ditto for the trans, at another shop.  Good work there too, but he is known for being slooooow.

I kind of got in a funk, and it was also time to gear up for racing season, so the car sat. It is still on stands, in the same place in the garage. In the meantime, on our race Neons, we have changed a couple of motors, trans, and various repairs all summer long. 

So now tonight, I went to a car cruise, and the bug to get working on it again started in my mind! It has a layer of dust, but I think when race season is done, I want to get on it again.  I did some body work before my Mom  got sick, and I need to update that, hopefully soon. Thanks for being patient, just sometimes life gets in the way!!
Sorry for your loss brother.

Sorry for your loss. It's hard to loose mom. 

That's how it goes with project cars life and other interests get in the way.

- Mike
Sorry about your mom.

About the changeover of the front structure from one car to the next - be sure and document such transfer. You are actually taking the Vin and changing for another because a partial vin is stamped in the section under where the front fenders bolt up on each car. Some go to lengths to document/photograph such swaps of structural metal. Probably good to also swap the buck tag usually located behind the headlight assembly.


1971 Boss 351  
1972 Q code 4 speed convertible 
1971 Mustang Sportsroof  351-2V FMX 
1973 Mach 1 (parts car)
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