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72 302
My mustang was leaking transmission fluid at the servo cap. ordered gasket replacement that came with two replacement 2 rubber seals. Went to wrong servo cap ordered rubber seal placed it on correct servo decided since i had every thing for other servo to rebuild it since fluid was drained. Car now only goes forward even in neutral. I did put old seals back on servo still same problem. cars stuck in garage able to jack one side and push back but still stuck in garage.
Any help would be appreciated. Car will stall in reverse do to drive shaft locks up.
Call Broader Performance Transmissions in Texas. They are usually very helpful without trying to sell you parts you don't need. Chuck
First things first. When posting give as much info as possible such as what year car and transmission. C4 - C6 ?. Did you take the valve body off when you drain the oil. If so then more than likely the manual shift valve in the valve body is not connected to the external linkage properly.


"The only dumb question is the one not asked"
Betting that the strut from the servo rod to the band fell away and is jammed up in something. You'll probably need to drop the pan and valve body to check.

It is a C4 transmission 72 mustang
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