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7173 Forum versus 7173 Facebook
While I'm not a Media savvy guy, I recently and somewhat reluctantly joined our 7173 Mustang Facebook group. Having been a Forum member since 2016, I'm quite familiar with the more frequent contributors. While there are a total of several thousand members world wide, there are relatively few who choose to participate regularly.
What did surprise me is the number of members on Facebook who are quite active by asking tech questions and anything and everything in general, who I have never seen post on the Forum. I would have thought that the Forum is the place to ask tech questions and Facebook is the place for more informal chat.
Just my thought on it so what do other think?
aka Stanglover.

I learn something new every day!
Geoff i think theres a differant age group use each platform. Facebook is more a daily platform that people use for many differant purposes and 7173 is just a small part of peoples facebook usage

1971 Grandé
I prefer the forum. The credibility of the folks here is more genuine than (in my opinion) those who just jump in and out of Facebook with politically charged comments and the opportunity to cus more than contribute.

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Im on the Facebook page sometimes too, but I definitely prefer this site. Just my 2 cents.

run_horse Run Horse Run!
John 72 Q Code
I personally have nothing to do with facebook and probably never will. I am only on the forum. And I like it that way........ Now get off my grass!!!!!


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I am on both but definitely prefer the forum. But this is my Mustang HOME. And I do hope it always will be.


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I am an iPad. FB works better than safari. I tried Tapatalk and was not impressed. FB is easy to add photos and videos.
Not a fan of Facebook, tried it several years ago, cancelled shortly afterwards, will never be on it again.

“If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.”
--Albert Einstein
We do actively keep both platforms alive and well because of many of the reasons listed above...

Personally, I think the Facebook page is there to compliment the forum site...I've been using Facebook groups since they appeared on the scene a few years ago and while they are quick to post on and get fast replies, the information you get tends to be pretty random and also hard to search and archive info.

Ideally, Facebook groups should help to send folks to the forum for more in depth project info and tutorials...whereas Facebook is more of a chatty, social experience.  Both can exist and should compliment each other.  The other issue I see is that there are dozens of groups that spring up for any topic including 71-73 Mustangs.  Forums may have 1-3 different websites but the info is much more confined and easier to search.  We actually had the 1st forum website dedicated to 7173 Mustangs and we had the 1st Facebook page and group dedicated to 71-73 Mustangs!  Now there are a bunch of 71-73 groups on Facebook and members either need to join all of them or risk missing important informative posts!  On the forums...it is all here in one package!  I have found that people are extremely rude and unhelpful on Facebook too...mainly due to less moderation but it can be a real crap shoot anytime you post something on a Facebook group, LOL.

Again, our Facebook page is a compliment to the forums but it will NEVER replace the forums!  This site will always remain online and hopefully active!   thumb

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What is facebook?


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