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71 Vert Project
Well, after not working on the car for almost three years, i did a little work tonight.
The last time i spent time on the car was early spring of 2016. I was renting a garage while going to university in 2015/16. I graduated in april 2016 and had to move out of the garage.
I had to get the car somewhat back together and trailerable. I finished the front clip, put the motor and tranny in, put the doors and body panels back on and i through the rest of the parts inside the car.

I started a good job right after university however i was only living in an apartment. The car spent 6months in outdoor storage untill i could afford a house. In september 2016 i bought a small house with 8 acres close to my work. However the house had no garage Sad . In 2017 i was able to build a 900sq ft garage to work on the car. Of course the garage took more time and money than expected., and it is almost done now minus the concrete floor.

Anyways, the car is in the garage and tonight i welded in my first patch in a while. I am going to start with some small jobs before jumping into frame work again. As mentioned, i was able to finish the front clip which was the biggest task. I need to replace one rear frame rail as well as floors, inner rockers, tail panel, and some patches here and there. Still lots of work to do!

How is everyone posting pictures these days? I heard you have to pay for photobucket now?
From one 71 Convertible owner to another, you took on a scary task. Great job! Any more updates?

71-73 Mustangs never die, they just go faster!
(12-20-2018, 09:29 PM)garrett7 Wrote: How is everyone posting pictures these days? I heard you have to pay for photobucket now
I'm not sure if you HAVE to pay for photobucket, I finally gave in and paid to get rid of all of the advertising on the site.  I started looking for another hosting site, but have so many albums/pictures on there, and so used to the way it is laid out and works.
Oh, and welcome back...........lots of people get your your phase of stopping work on a project car and just never get back into it...........reminds me of friends who quit collage during their first year to take a break and never go back because they get side  tracked by life..... thumb

73 ragtop, 1999 Mustang Bright Atlantic Blue Paint, Phoenix Engine 302-335HP,  Edelbrock Carb & Performer manifold; c4 with 2000 stall and shiftkit; 3:55 auburn limited slip differential, Hedman shorties; Car Chemistry Exhaust

Classic Air; Tilt Steering Wheel; 1999 Chrysler Sebring bucket Seats ; power windows;
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