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71 H code value
Looking for opinions on a value
Appears all original in great shape
I know there is always the unknown once tore apart Not sure if I’m posting in the right place.

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Looking for opinions on a value
Appears all original in great shape
I know there is always the unknown once tore apart Not sure if I’m posting in the right place.

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Wow - does it run?  I wish mine would've been that nice when I found it (mine's pretty much the exact same car, except mine was loaded up with almost everything except for A/C and a fold-down rear seat - this one looks a little more basic, but very nice nonetheless).

If it runs and drives, I'd say it's a solid $10-12K car as it sits.  Tackle the surface rust, upholstery, repaint and clean everything up and you've got a $20-25K car.

Love to see some more pics. thumb


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Was told it just needs points and condenser I didn’t hear it run supposed to run and drive great other than that. Really think it just needs battery tray and found a hole in the radiator support. Have all original paperwork and am radio.                            

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Be prepared to replace at least one rear quarter and possibly a fender if the shot of the tire and fender/quarter with cracked paint. I'll bet there's a fair amount of rust and bondo under that paint.

Let me check your shorts!

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Yeah, more of the story unfolds.  All that rust in the right quarter drops the value of course.  If the left one is similar, then you're getting down into the $8-9K range, providing there's not even more to be found (which I'm guessing there will be even more found in the taillight panel, trunk drop-off areas).  It's good that the cowl seems to be in good shape, but the floor pans could still have issues.

I'll bet $7500 would be the absolute bottom line for the seller, and even then it'll be hard to get them down that low.

Good luck!


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Its a 45 years old lady, If you buy to keep and enjoy it for many years, its a perfect candidate.
For the big work, looks like on exception of at least one quarter to replace, you can save it with bits of love (and ton of rust eaters)
You could be right on time with this one. As one or two years with no care in humidity would change the todo list quite a bit.

Being in europe, the price are different but from the offers I see in the states, I'd say 8k-10k, if the engine runs.
I shoot lower than Mr 4x4 because in this state, its not a car you will drive soon. It needs be handled right away.

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71 429CJ. In progress
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Thanks for all the input. I’m certainly cautious because of the unknowns that always pop up. I’m sure it will need a quarter and battery tray at best. Still kinda surprised by the condition of the 45 year old lady. That photo of the rear quarter and battery tray were the worst I found. I was actually thinking $6500 myself, for the risk factor, which is below the asking price of 10k. Was hoping to get some reassurance like you’ve done. Thanks.

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5k with all the work and bad color combo
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Hey - whaddaya mean by "bad color combo?!"  Ain't nuthin' wrong with Pewter and Black.  Angry



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