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71 fastback project
I bet you got some cool thumbs up on the journey!

Drive em!!

I decided to clean up the engine bay and fix rust on the aprons and the cowl aswell as do some work to the engine it came out easy peasy surprisingly considering I pulled it with the trans and headers still bolted up[Image: 99667fc7250b3320b2c189af04c9ed0a.jpg][Image: 2ba4932efe3ab5394a53541dc5ddd6e9.jpg][Image: 05f084d8b301163e5855938082fcea77.jpg][Image: 175d96c3fd954b1c03bbfabce390c0b9.jpg][Image: 101b1fca3af68223335c0cd677523e59.jpg]

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I've always found it easier to pull the engine and transmission at once. Whether I pull the exhaust manifolds/headers at the same time depends on how rusted the bolts are, and which ones are not coming loose.

Looks like you had plenty of help, at least someone was helping holding the fender on Smile

“If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.”
--Albert Einstein
Your all in now! Good luck it will be worth the effort.

- Mike
No turning back now

1971 Grandé
Piece of cake from here on out!  whistling

71-73 Mustangs never die, they just go faster!
So I have torn in to my rust issues I'm replacing both front aprons along with the core support and portions on the rear aprons and outer frame rails in the very front I also cut open the cowl to check out the rust inside the cowl and as you can see by the pictures it is pretty bad not really sure what I'm gonna do there but I ordered everything else so I'll be able to start welding in new metal shortly looks like I got my work cut out for me haha

Thanks for all the kind words and support! -joe[Image: 9aa372fb0df1958634de7905f9b81681.jpg][Image: 62b96d60a7ec6581502314347722c550.jpg][Image: 667d7b27ed8856d2dd21c89e54a7aa16.jpg][Image: 5cab4089239b04a23306641e42337ccb.jpg][Image: d9ea07b8559c5f1a11ecac8da72b77e6.jpg][Image: 1eaf57619ff116a40e2446c0f88a504a.jpg][Image: 5a427744dac3d320fba03320d46cb6ea.jpg][Image: 031e234571d2f800bd1665a6d3ab8169.jpg][Image: ebc2a45ac7080c800756af51a1ed4fe0.jpg]

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I also found out my engie Is basically scap iron after removing the heads i discovered cylinder 4 had some pretty bad scoring so i stripped it down to a bear block with intentions of rebuilding it but after further inspection I found the the pistons are stamped ".060" and from what i understand that is the most you can go some say they wouldnt even go that big so I'm exploring different avenues but i am pretty much married to a small block due to my tranny and some other parts that I have sunk some money in. I'm thinking about buying a blue print 347 long block but we will see

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