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71-73 Hardware information
Pulled this from another Mustang forum. Very comprehensive listing of hardware specifics with part numbers and location. I have not thoroughly sat down and verified it against any of my materials, but looks pretty valid. Here is the intro. from the posting in that forum. I hope I do not offend others on the other forum by sharing. My intent is to only share information within the hobby.

Excerpt from the other forum posting:

Back for another try. This time I created a year group specific pair of spreadsheet files, one by application, the other by part number. The application file has the hardware that is associated with a specific area: all the carburetor related hardware uses "CARB," as the first word; all wiring uses "WIRING HARN," as the first words. These files are Excel 97-2003 format.
Data sources are:
Ford Car Parts, 1972 version; shown as SEC060P02, or as ILL030P04 in the last column.
Mustang Assembly Manuals; shown as manual stock number - AM0005P41, or as Ford drawing page ident - E6-8401-1 in the last column.
AMK Guide to Ford Fasteners; shown as FF141 (Ford Fasteners and page) in the 3rd column under REF PG.
Ford Standard and Utility Parts, January 1965 and July 1966; shown as FS5-41 for the 65 book, FS6-07 for the 66 book.
AMK Catalogs, 2005 as A5-121, 2010 as A0-009 and 2014 as A4-099.
N.L. - means Not Listed, I could not find a source for a description.
MEA - means I measured the part from an available car.

Attached Files
.xls   71_73 Hardware listings 1 MHW71-73AP02.xls (Size: 476.5 KB / Downloads: 81)
.xls   71_73 Hardware listings 2 MHW71-73PN02.xls (Size: 476.5 KB / Downloads: 41)

72 Mach 1 H-Code (Concourse driven restoration)
67 S-Code Factory GT with 4-Spd

68 Mercury Cyclone (Pro-Street project)
Thanks for sharing.
I am sure more on here have experienced the differences in the AMK hardware and the original. I got a full bolt kit from AMK for 73 vert and pretty much nothing matches the original hardware as far a length, finish or makers mark.
The reason I quit going to MCA shows was that they told me I would have to change the hardware on my Mach 1 that I bought new and only had 12,000 miles on it. It came from Ford that way. I think they base the rules on too few examples and usually judges cars. My car was made in May toward the end of the model. If you have ever had dealings with Ford they constantly change vendors going to the least cost. They also allowed substitute hardware if one was short. They were not going to shut down the assembly line because of a $.01 bolt.
Some way they should get all the one owner cars together they can and see what they all have and allow any of the variations.
There are three screws that hold the charcoal canister bracket on. These seem to be an odd size and on three cars I have taken apart there was never a screw installed in the center hole. The person on the line knew that nobody could see it and it save him time so he never put it in. The hole in the shock tower shows no signs of a self threading screw having been installed.
I think the rules makers focus too much on making one thing right instead of all possibilities.

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Good find! Had thought about trying to come up with a similar type of list when I was at the dealership and had a multitude of resources available. As the "Go To" person for Mustang parts and info at the dealer, I was always getting hardware questions. A lot of times I found that what was called for in the catalog and what was on the car was different. I was a MCA judge in the 71-73 class but kept butting heads with the upper Echelon on the differences I knew you were going to see on a mass produced car. I have an early build 71 Mach 1 (9/21/70) and a late build 71 Mach 1 (7/28/71). There many differences between those two cars as for as fasteners and hardware.
David is right about the assembly line. Sober, high, or otherwise, in short of a direct nuclear attack, the assembly shut down for NOTHING! These cars were built before the Q1 days where the line worker could stop the line for a serious problem. These cars were not considered collectible then. They could of been building station wagons or pickup trucks. Made no difference to them. All they knew was there was a line of vehicles as far as you could see that were expected to be out the door or else they would be the ones out the door!
I had also suggested (as David had) that they (MCA) look at more original owner cars to get a better cross section of what was really out there. Fell on deaf ears, so I drifted away from the shows and judging. MCA is a great organization and has done a lot for the Mustang community and I am still a due paying member. They are just slow to change, so I just don't do the shows anymore.
Have also heard similar complaints on the AMK hardware. Sort of disappointing since they are claiming to be providing correct hardware to the Mustang community. The lists posted by bkdunha look pretty good and are definitely worth using as a reference tool.


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