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71-73 351c original cam specs
(08-05-2012, 05:36 PM)droptop73 Wrote: If I recall correctly the cam retard in 73 was in the timing chain not the cam.

Thanks for the great info Don!
Not likely done with the chain. My money is on the crank gear keyway indexing. In building engines, I have found that cam timing is RARELY what you think it is "straight-up", or, "dot-to-dot. Many modern cam grinders will automatically grind their cams about 4 degrees advanced. Using cheap, and inexpensive timing chain sets are almost always off. Add to that, an aftermarket crank, which may have the keyway slightly off from where it should be. Seriously, I've had to use the 6 degree retard keyslot on a crank gear, to give me 4 degrees advance at the cam.....that's how off it all can be with aftermarket cam, aftermarket timing gearset, and aftermarket crankshafts. Even when overhauling a bone stock engine, I always check the camshaft degreeing, and I use a computerized devise made by CamLogic, which is accurate to a TENTH of one degree....closer than you can get with a wheel and pointer set-up. There's lots of power and torque lost to not setting the degreeing and just bolting the cam in dot-to-dot.This cam is right on the money for it's grind, at 110 degrees ( O.K., it's actually two tenths of one degree advanced), but damn close enough to the 110 called for.[Image: IMG-3054.jpg][Image: IMG-3061.jpg]This engine is an early ( 63 ) Ford 406 FE, going in a hot flatbottom boat, using a factory Ford crank, Holman/Moody solid camshaft, and quality Cloyes true roller timing set.
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