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71-72 Mach I grill identification (OEM vs repro)
I have a 71-72 Mach 1 grill. Pretty sure it's a repro, as I can't find any part numbers on it.
If there were part numbers, where would they be?
If it is a repo and Daniel Carpenter made it the mold was the original Ford tooling. I would have to go look at one in garage but It has to be on a surface that is parallel to the opening of the mold. That would be the front or rear surface not top or bottom. It will likely have the date code which is like a clock they move the pointer on. On other repo Daniel Carpenter parts he adds a DC to the mold somewhere so it identifies his parts.
His repo tail light lens has the Ford logo and Ford numbers but down on the bottom edge of the lens he put the DC.
I have not seen the repo 72 but the 73 is too shiny. When he sent the tooling to China to run the parts they must have polished it which is not how they were originally.
Headed to the garage in a bit will see if I can see where it is. Might be hidden when assembled.

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