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71-72 Mach 1 Rubber bumpers/3 to choose from
Going to put these on ebay monday. Just figured post on here first. I have three 71-72 bumpers for sale. These were the nice ones I've held onto over the years. The white one is very straight but, needs the usual repaired cracks and imperfections taken care of to be perfect. Also includes a reinforcement that has been sandblasted and sprayed with rust converter($300). The green bumper is in great shape, has a slice on the one side but,easily repairable. I didn't take this one apart because I wanted to show the hardware. This must have been replaced at one time because the hardware still looks new. also included a reinforcement($400). The gray bumper is the most straight/prefect one I have because it was for my car. However,the ends of the bumper have been modified to fit the car alittle tighter. If you go with this bumper, I recommend shaving/filling the notches in the front fenders(that the stock bumper normally covers) I planned on using this for my own car but,decided to make a new bumper out of metal to get the look that I wanted. At this point, I'm just trying to get back the money Ive spend in materials on it($200)
Shoot me a message if you're interested in these. Buyer pays acual shipping cost. I'm figuring shipping will be somewhere between $50-75. Whatever is comes to, I'll refund the difference. I've seen a couple of these sell for $500 on ebay recently so,please no low ballers.

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If you still have this please email me at akhan78626@yahoo.com

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