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71 429 CJ mach 1
Here is a nice 1, with a ton of options.
That is a beautiful car, not to pick at someone's car but go that far and put the spoiler on backwards, but that and some new exhaust tips, I could live with the rocker trim with the stripes for while, my favorite color combo.
Nice colour... I would want to see the car in person and verify a number of observed changes from factory to see where it truly is relating to as factory delivered. Appear’s to retain many original as factory installed items, still a nice looking car. The write up is extensive, but some major holes in the claims as written exist... "Buyer Beware"
Turn the damn spoiler around!!

- Mike
Front spoiler supposed to be black or argent?

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The question is more, did it came with one? I think it came standard only on bosses.
I know mine did not come with one. I'm gonna be lynch in public for saying so, but frankly despite the popularity,
I think it's one ugly cheap wannabe sporty piece of hardware that ruins the nose line. I mean, look at the way it fits on the side of the front valance.
Design wise the integration is zero to me.

73 modified Grandé 351C. Almost done. 
71 429CJ. In progress
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I like the 2 screws holding the PW bezel, classy!
Quite a car but lots of false statements made for sure.
On the front spoiler only Boss came with them and I think dealer installed them. It would be argent with argent accents.
Now I will pick it apart some.
Car did not come with rear spoiler not on window sticker. It appears to be mounted too far back and as pointed out is backwards.
The entire interior is wrong. The car had Vermillion interior was reason it was a one of one. Vermillion with PW.
Already been pointed out that the PW bezel does not have screws should clip on but most get destroyed because they do not know how to remove.
For a "Barn Find" original lots of stuff has been painted. The whole car has been painted and of course the hood is done shiny and not correct shape. They painted the screws in end of door and you can see where the doors sticker was taped off.
There were not stickers on the air cleaner on ram air cars.
The spare tire does not look like correct one but not a good look at it either in the video.
There has been rattle can work done under the hood, hood latch and bracket are some.
This is another of those Shiny Used cars not original not restored either. Just made to look shiny and done to someone's taste.
There were 176 black fastbacks with vermillion interior made according to Marti's book.
He states in his video that the black bodies were hand picked which is not so. They did probably get some extra sanding after primer. When the body goes down the line they put the next part on the body no sorting done.
If anyone is interested I for sure would do in person inspection and verify the VIN# on block and transmission. Would cost more to restore that a good original you have to find entire interior. Might be sprayed black.

When a man is in the woods and talks and no women are there is he still wrong??
+1 on David's assessment. The guy is a complete BS artist.

$60k for a car that needs to be restored to make it a $60k car.

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