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71 429 CJ Auto, Air in Atlanta $7,500
I have 12 mustangs so I have to cut back. That would have been a great color combo with the dark green met. silver stripes and white interior. I had to just force myself not to buy it. This happens about once a week. I contact some of the sellers on ebay about cars that sell over and over to joke bidders. Was going to buy another 20th. ann mustang with low miles, 40,000 for really low price if the bidder was a joker again but he bought it for 2,700. I had a deal with the seller for 2,500 if he had not made the payment. That was the third time it had sold.
If you walk up to a lot of the sellers at this time of year with cash the price just seems to go way down.

When a man is in the woods and talks and no women are there is he still wrong??
classicsguy;283421 Wrote:
bay0726;283358 Wrote:Hey Guys, North Carolina Dave called me this morning and let me know about the forum. Its my car and if you guys want any more info or pictures I'll be happy to forward them. And to all you naysayers, why don't you come look at it instead of just bashing my add... the cars been in a barn since the late 80ies I know it needs to be restored but way better then starting with a rusty car. In my mind, even with out the original motor trans, I can out build a factory 429cj with a 460 any day and most people wouldn't even know the difference. $7500 is pretty fair price... If you want it for $2000 keep dreaming!
Thanks guys, looking forward to browsing the forum some more!

It's a "C" code.

Bernie: Whats the car's original factory color or color code on door data plate?

The Atlanta car was blue metallic with blue Mach 1 sports interior fold down.

When a man is in the woods and talks and no women are there is he still wrong??
Has nobody bought this yet? This is killing me! I need another project like I need another nose to pick. But I have wanted one of these for a number of years but always just out of reach. Not hard to find a block or trans. I have a fresh set of DOOE-R heads on the shelf and other parts that would fit nicely on this. I will give Bernie a call and make a deal!

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