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7000 miles...
IMO... for this money, this "survivor?" car should not have been repainted 9 years ago and have lived in a better storage facility all these year's...

Mine has sat in an open wall pole barn for 36 years and does not need paint except for one fender my friend scratched. Guy will be here Friday that is said to be an expert at matching old paint. I also have rounded up three volunteers to help me clean it up. Be interesting to see the interest when it goes to the MOM mustang owner's museum in April. Mine does have 12,200 miles but way more options.
I do not see it selling for sure. I personally would not give that for a boss even. That is me each to their own.

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I agree David, At that price, he doesn't want to sell it. A Boss sold for less than that a couple of weeks ago on TV.

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(11-21-2018, 08:29 AM)jowens1126 Wrote: I agree David, At that price, he doesn't want to sell it.  A Boss sold for less than that a couple of weeks ago on TV.

Well, when it comes to a Boss or other high performance '71, you get what you pay for...
I'm having a little trouble with the 7000 mile number just based on the under hood condition....

1973 Mustang convertible, F code w/ C4, stock survivor with refresh in progress. Blue glow w/ Blue Comfortweave interior.
BIN price is definitely way too high. I keep hearing the classic car market is down, plus driving season has ended for the northern climates. We had maybe two days of fall after a brutally hot and humid summer, and then ten degrees below normal average temps, which have felt more like early winter. 7000 miles and unrestored, and yet a complete repaint kind of goes against that notion. Underhood pics don't look too bad given the car's vintage (restore shock towers, hood hinges, repaint air cleaner assembly, valve covers, etc.), but indicate it was stored in some moisture. Doesn't bode well for what the underside of the car in general will look like. Hopefully the cowl is still solid and rust-free. Still, it's an awesome combination with no front or rear spoiler, very sleek. Hub caps and trim rings are almost worth their weight in gold. For $10K less it might be a good deal if the sheet metal and underside check out. Some documentation to support the mileage would be good to have, to make sure it doesn't have 107K miles and a good repaint.
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