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4v cleavland?
Im not very familiar with the clevlands. Is the 4v: 4 valve, 4 barrel, a head model like gt40, or something completely different? Thanks for any info.
4V stands for four venturi carburetor. It is an overhead valve, two valve, pushrod engine produced from 1970 to 1974 in several variations. I only wish it had been a 4 valve DOHC engine! Lord would we have smoked everyone. Chuck
Thanks for clearing that up Chuck. Thats been bugging me for a minute.
I always think of them as 4 barrel heads, but there is a big difference in the port sizes you've probably read about, or can read about... much debate on whether the 2v heads are better for low end torque, then you have the "quench" chambers versus open chambers discussions...

has more info than you can probably ever read!

Now adays, there are getting to be good aftermarket aluminum heads that combine the best of the 2 designs, probably where I'll go if I can ever afford them.
A little history

The way to tell a 4V from a 2V on the engine is to look for the number "2" or "4" stamped on the head. The number is clearly seen at the top front corner of the head towards the intake side just past the valve cover.

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