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4K - 71 Mach 1 for sale near DC
It's a bit humorous (but also a shame) regarding the car cover. It's like saying a car for sale is "garage kept" (since yesterday).
On E bay now:
(09-03-2019, 08:16 PM)classicsguy Wrote: On E bay now:

Winning bid;  $5,700.00
Thats the easy part, now lets see if payment is made
(09-13-2019, 03:00 PM)waterlife Wrote: Thats the easy part, now lets see if payment is made
Totally agree with waterlife. We'll see this one relisted in a few days. No folddown, underside is TOAST! H code, good for parts only. Worth $1,800 max.

1F03M, Maroon,Blk Int,Wht Top,A/C,Rim Blow,Posi
1F03M, Maroon,Wht/Wht,PW
1F03M, GrbrLime,Wht/Wht,A/C,CA Car
1F03M, Drk Green,Grn/Blk,4-Spd,Tach,R/A,Tilt,Rim Blow,PW
1F03M, Drk Grn,Blk/Blk,4-Spd,Tach,A/C,Tilt,Rim Blow,Mgnms
1F03M, Black,Wht,Wht,Tach,Posi
1F03M, Brown,Ginger,Blk,4-Spd,R/A,Tach
1F03M, Pewter,Blk,Blk,4-Spd,A/C,R/A,Tach,Mgnms
2F03R, GrabberBlue,Wht,Wht,Dcr Grp,Tach
2F03R, Brgt Blue,Wht,Wht,Dcr Grp,Tach
2F03Q, Red,Wht,Wht,Rim Blow,A/C,Tach,Conv.Grp,DcrGrp,Stripes,Mgnms
2F03Q, Rd,Rd,Blk,Rim Blow,A/C,Tach
2F03Q, Brgt Lime(Orig. Gld Glw),Blk,Blk,A/C,P/W,Tilt,Conv Grp,Dcr Grp
2F03Q, Grbr Blue,(Orig. Brt Blue)Wht, Wht,4-Spd,Tach,A/C
3F03Q, (2) Gold Glow(one Blk int,one Ginger int),both 4-Spd,Tach,Dcr Grp,Stripes,TuTone Hood,Frgd Whls
3F03Q,BluGlow,Blu,Wht,4Spd,A/C,Tach,DcrGrp,Stripes,TT,Frgd Whls
3F03Q, Copper,Gngr,Blk,4Spd,Tach,DcrGrp,Stripes,T-T,Frgd Whls
3F03Q, Trpl Wht,A/C,P/W,Tilt,Tach
3F03Q, Spcl Ordr Black,Blk,Wht,Tach
3F03Q, Spcl Order Purple,Wht,Wht,A/C,Tach,Tilt,P/W,Frgd Whls
And 10 more verts, 2 Boss 351s and 1 M-code Mach I! Big Grin
Ebay buyer must have paid for the car. Drove by the house yesterday and the Mustang is gone, just a pile of leaves laying around where it used to sit. It was still there Thursday afternoon so they must have got it over the weekend.
(09-24-2019, 04:13 AM)Grande73 Wrote: Ebay buyer must have paid for the car. 

The Craigslist ad was deleted and he left positive feedback for the buyer. Apparently the Mach "was" bought for $5,700. That's $1,700 more than he originally wanted and a good sign for our 71-73 values...
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