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460 in a '71-'73. Shock tower mods?
I know a 460 will fit. My question is, can modifications be made to the shock towers for a little more room? I've heard that a 460 is still tight. Especially with headers.
I was thinking of modifying the shock towers to widen them a tad more. Any ideas?
460 is an eady fit, even with headers.
Provided you use the correct engine mounts. Otherwise the left valve cover will be virtually scraping the master cylinder.


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A few of our members have gone that route with success. Check for some threads with usernames xoliex and auron1973mach1. I believe Crites engine mounts were mentioned.

I recently spoke with auron1971mach1 (he lives here in San Angelo), and it sounds like he's thinking of sticking with good ol' iron manifolds (for now, at least), since he's having troubles finding the right headers.

Hope that helps!


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I havent put my 521 in yet, which is a stroked out 429 which is basically the same engine block. I got the whole Crites setup, motor and transmission mounts as well as their headers. From all the write ups i have seen it will go right in no problems. Hope to have mine in sometime this year or early next.
Are the Crites headers long tubes or shorties? Honestly, my biggest concern is spark plug removal. I just hate paying someone to do something I can do myself. I have heard a few say it's no problem and a few say it's a PITA. Besides the Cleveland in my '73, I have only had Windsors.
Isn't the 460 the same block as a 429, which was already available as a 1971 engine option?

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Yes.. I'm not arguing with the fact that it fits. I know that. But they also had big blocks in '67s as well. I'm just asking if tower mods would "help" considering I would have to pull the engine anyways. Obviously headers will take up more space than original manifolds.
The Crites are long tube and come bare metal, so you have to get them coated yourself, that's why they don't charge that much for them. This company makes a mid length, but it has smaller diameter tubes. I wrote them asking some questions and they quoted me a price that i thought was a little high but they look like a quality product. They have a pic on their website for them.

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I have a 460 in my 73 Mach 1 with cast iron 1985 truck exhaust manifolds. I used the stock Ford OEM motor mounts & towers from a 71 429 car. Fit & access for all components is ok and IMO it would not be worth the extra effort to modify the shock towers just for easier access.
Thanks, Jay
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