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4300 Carb rebuild question
In the process of rebuilding the 4300 carb on my 1971 351 4V convertible. Trying to rectify fuel leak.
This is the part that the fuel was leaking past. Looks like it sits flush with the inside of the lid but has gone hard. I assume it should be supple so that it seals as there is no other piece there that would otherwise act as a seal?

[Image: carb1.jpg]
I think that is the guide the accelerator pump rod goes through. It is supposed to be hard. If fuel is coming out through it, either the fuel bowl is too full or the accelerator pump piston seals are leaking and fuel is squirting up against the lid instead of going out through the squirter nozzles. Most likely your float needles or seats are bad or dirty.

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I agree fuel should not be that high up sealing is not the issue.

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Thanks to you both for your replies. Really helped us track down the issues.
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