Original block believed to be standard bore
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429 CJ
Sorry I put this in the wrong place, please except my apologies. It’s for sale and I don’t know how to delete this post.

Best way to reach me is by email (rozz1999@aol.com)
Rozz, unless this is for free, it doesn't belong in the Pay it Forward forum.

"How 'Pay It Forward' works...
If you have an item that you don't need and you don't really want to sell or trash it, why not offer it to a fellow forum member for FREE? Just create a new post with your offer and the first one to reply gets the item for FREE! It is customary for the receiver to pay the shipping charge. In return, the Reciever must now offer a different item up for FREE...and so on and so on! This is how' Pay It Forward' works!""

Dang - and here I was with my hopes up...

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