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4 post lift purchase
I would be happy with a garage right now.....Still searching for storage.

1971 Grandé
You will enjoy any lift 2 or 4 post for sure. I have 10,000 lb. 2 post.
I see some of you say you do not have room or height for a lift. Way back in the 1960's I use to drag race a flathead Ford V-8. If any of you have ever done so you know how easily they broke transmissions, drive shafts, rears and axles. We only had a tiny little one car garage with dirt/gravel floor. I would put down cardboard to lay on, lol. I actually changed a rear end on to bumper jacks in the road once it totally locked up and could not move it. I kept transmissions, rears, axles and driveshafts on the shelf ready to go in. I think I put 16 transmissions in a year. Hey they only cost $5.00 at junk yard then.
Dad felt sorry for me spending so much time under the car. So he went in the garage dug a pit and poured concrete in bottom and laid concrete blocks I think 4 rows high. I could sit on stool and work under the car. Put beam across from wall to wall for jacks. If you do not have room for lift simply dig you a pit line it with blocks and make you a plywood cover so when not in use you do not fall into it, ask me how I know. If you go to oil change places most have pits because it is faster and easier than lifts and way less cost.
Just food for thought. Really is handy for oil changes and anything you need to do under the car.

When a man is in the woods and talks and no women are there is he still wrong??
+1 on a pit. I've used both and a pit is great, especially one that is 4.5 or 5 feet deep. If notches are formed into the the top corners you can use 2" lumber for a sturdy, flush cover.

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--Albert Einstein
Nice lifts here - I use a 7000-lb, 4 post from Titan. Decent lift and perfect for a hobbyist like me.

I had it delivered for $2100 - and spent an extra $650 for the hydraulic jack tray. It's my 2nd Titan. Left the first when I sold my previous home (it was actually a request from the buyer, and it made moving easier on me). I know there are better ones put there, but this does the job well at a fairly low cost.

[Image: IMG-0497.jpg]

At 11 feet high, the garage is a little tight on headroom, but I still have plenty of room to work. I use a chair to roll around and work at the height you see above. I can go high enough to walk while crouching, but the chair is more comfortable.

1971 Mach 1
351c with Trick Flow Heads
Retro Roller conversion

[Image: 1971-MACh1.jpg]
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