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351W/408 Oilpump replacement
the oilpressure on my stroked to 408, 351 Windsor engine is a little bit too low. I will replace the oilpump. Could i do this with the engine in?

Thank you and kind regards from Hamburg, Germany.
I don't know how your oil pan is, but it should be possible if you lifted the engine say +- 15 cm to get it out of the way.
Headers collectors disconnected, (With long headers, you could also have clearance issues on the left bank, where it would touch the steering box) engine mounts, prolly a wire/hose or two, may be the distributor as well to set the shaft back.
You may need also to check or disconnect your shift linkage while lifting.

As you need change that oil pump, if you would need to lift the engine more, you would need do same stuffs, so its worth trying this way first...

73 modified Grandé 351C. Almost done. 
71 429CJ. In progress
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Thank you Fabrice!
(01-24-2018, 01:36 PM)lldoor Wrote: Thank you Fabrice!

I would hate to see you go through all of that just to end up with the same issue.

Oil pumps don't control oil pressure and those simple gear rotor pumps seldom "wear out". Oil pressure is a function of bearing clearances, primarily main and rod bearings. I would put a direct reading gauge on the engine and see what the actual oil pressure reading is, especially if you are presently using an electric sender. 

If you do end up removing the pan, check the oil pickup tube to ensure that it is not cracked or becoming disconnected from the pump. In that scenario, oil pressure would drop, but would also be erratic.

Good luck!
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