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351CV4 Convertible; Reinstall A/C

Looking for the pro/cons of reinstalling AC into my 1971 M convertible. The prior owner removed the AC. I need to replace the heating core and am considering re-installing the AC to bring back into stock. Have all of the brackets and will upgrade other components. Would appreciate thoughts from the experts. I would rarely use it as I reside in the Bay Area and drive in fairly temperate conditions. 


I would for sure put it back on. I have a 73 vert with air and get asked all the time why does a convertible have air. I tell them that they never owned one or they would know why. I live in N.C. in the mountains but it does get very humid here. This was the first time I ever worked on a AC system. So I went to Harbor Freight and picked up a vacuum pump and set of charging gauges for less than a shop wanted to just vacuum the system.
I pulled everything off drained oil out of the compressor, got a new dryer and cleaned all the hoses and connections. Got the new green O-rings for the new refrigerant. I did not use the normal stuff got some out of Canada called Dura Cool that worked great.
While you have the heater box out would be a good time to go into the cowl and clean out and make sure no mice or nests in there. I put the mesh 1/4" wire under the cowl vents and on top of the heater box. I also got a new set of foam for the heater box and replace it all while out.
I will caution you to pressure test the new core. I have had two in the past that had holes in them new out of the box. I put 15 lbs. of air pressure on it while in water.
I pressure checked the AC condenser and evaporator for leaks also.
The other place that mice get in the cowl is through the drain holes on each side. Tunnel shaped and I put stainless steel scrubber pads in there. Water still can drain but keeps the critters out.
Pics to better understand. You can reach the drain holes in cowl from the vent openings so you do not have to pull the fenders off.
[Image: DSC00126.jpg]

volvo s60 0 60 mph

[Image: DSC-1796.jpg]

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When a man is in the woods and talks and no women are there is he still wrong??
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I say put it back in, if nothing else just to match the Marti Report.  You also never know when you might find the need to kick on the A/C, rather than broil in the sun or stew in your own juices on a hot-humid day while stuck in traffic.

Another reason, not that I would consider thinking along these lines for my car, but you just never know when someone will come along and make an offer you can't refuse, but could be even sweeter if the car was complete (rather than tossing in a box of A/C parts with the sale).

Just thoughts.


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I replaced my heater core and while i had it all apart i did the evaporator core as well. I put all the original A/C component's back in but I never charged the system. So it looks original but is not working. Maybe someday I'll get around to charging it and then again maybe not since I can jand rather ust put the top down.

I know David likes that Duracool stuff but it is not a legal refrigeratant that can be sold in the US. It is a hydrocarbon.... essentially propane.

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I was told that the U.S. is about to allow switching to the highly refined propane also. Since it so much more efficient and takes so little. You can order it and they deliver to the U.S.. I have several cans in cabinet. I also have lots or R-12, like almost a case, if anyone prefers that. Not the China stuff but DuPont. You have to sign that you will have a certified AC mechanic install it.
Some say they are afraid to have propane in the car but the canister for a collapsible spare has propane in it also, lol. Then there is the 16 gallons of gasoline with a pipe sticking into the back of it that ruptures when someone hits you in the rear.

When a man is in the woods and talks and no women are there is he still wrong??
Thanks everyone for the guidance. Looks like the AC is going in and given the Marti Report I just got. See attached.

[Image: Inkedmarti-photo-LI.jpg]
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