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351C Water Pump Install Question
I'm noticing that 2 of the water pump bolts that seat it to the block, on the passenger side, hold the alternator brackets.

When installing the water pump, do I have to have my alternator brackets painted up and install them on the water pump during the water pump install, or do I just back the bolts back out of the water pump to install the brackets after the water pump sealant has cured?

What is the proper way to handle this part of the water pump install?

seems this only happens on passenger side. The driver side brackets for power steering pump and air cond. compressor thread into the water pump itself, not thru to block. 

Thoughts?  Thanks
So..., since my original post, I am reading on web that Fel Pro recommends no sealer on their water pump and water neck gaskets which I have.(blue ones)
Suprise!...  seems like I've always used some Perma tex on water pump installs over the years.

 Search the web and you get conflicting answers on water pump installs, dry gasket  or with sealant. hmmmm
Fel Pro insists use nothing.  Go dry. 
Any Thoughts?
Wow I don't know.....have always used some type of sealant on gasket (with no issues). AT MINIMUM I would use "hylomar" as it allows for holding the gasket in place and insures that bolts don't "BITE" a slipped gasket.

P.S. Many SBF (either with steel 351C or alum style windsor) plates OFTEN HAVE PITS that if you don't use a sealant you can have leaks!! I bet they assume everything is flat and new!
Bolt up the pump, then back them out when you're ready to install the bracket. Use some sealer on the threads as they go into the water jacket.

This water pump replacement set of instructions my be useful.


I use a tiny bit of Black RTV myself. Very thin coat using my finger to spread. I also cut the heads off of a couple longer bolts or get some threaded rod so I can screw into the block slide gasket over it then the water pump on the studs. Keeps it all in alignment. Just screw the studs out and put correct bolts in place.
Like stated put the pump on and you can have your brackets under the bolts tighten them and when you put the alternator just loosen and apply to alternator. I use some Never seize on bolts that go into the water jacket with RTV also. You do not want gobs of RTV getting in your cooling system.
I also use cut off bolts when installing transmission. Makes it much easier to align main drive and pilot bushing.

When a man is in the woods and talks and no women are there is he still wrong??
After sanding the motor plate flat with a palm sander, I'm definitely going with sealer.
Mine does have some pitting.  The pitting is mostly in the water jackets.  The car sat in a drive way for 8 years before I got it.
You can see that inactivity in the pitting.
In the 3 years it's been running for me, it never leaked.  I hope I can get it sealed up again! 
I'll use Permatex gasket maker for water pump and thermostat housings with my gasket.
It also has a Milodon aluminum pump.


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