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351C timing cover
My timing cover is too rusted. Im looking for replacement, which is rare.

Summit got this one at 130$

I also find this company on eBay, AT Racing World, and it is only 60$

Anybody have ever buyed the last one ? Its lot cheaper than summit.
Define "too rusted". I've never seen a 351C timing cover that was so rusted it couldn't be reused. Unless you have massive pits or holes through the plate, it should be completely usable after a good media blasting.

The area on the plate, where the water used to flow, dig a groove of 60% of the plate thickness.
I dont want to re-used it.
I have heard stories of the aluminum ones not sealing well around the oil pan area, I would try to find a good stock unit.
(02-11-2018, 05:30 PM)erikroy57 Wrote: The area on the plate, where the water used to flow, dig a groove of 60% of the plate thickness.
I dont want to re-used it.

Someone ran it without a proper antifreeze mixture then. Makes sense to replace it. 

Can't help you on the repop units. I probably have a good used original that just needs a good cleaning, but shipping to Canada might be pricey. Do you have a package dtop on the US side?

I used a Summit one on my last built because I couldn't find a good used one. Worked just fine.

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