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351C EFI
Hi, have a '72 351C, with 4v heads, looking for a EFI kit. anyone know of a good one, or have any experience with this? thanks, don
I have not done it yet, but the FITech Kits from Summit Racing appear to be the way to go.  From my experience, Summit Racing has the best technical support staff for that type of aftermarket upgrade.

You should plan on about 1200 to 1500 dollars for the kit, and plan to pull your tank to retrofit the tank mount pump.


This one includes an in line fuel pump, so you may be able to keep it closer to $1000.  I have not done it yet, so I will let the experts chime in.

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Several members have done the conversion, FiTech and Holley Sniper seem to be the favored. Searching the forum will come up with several threads about it. Some have used the surge tank, some have used in tank pumps.

The Search function is under the "More" tab at the upper right of this page.

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Keep in mind the promo videos are bit misleading when it comes to the timescale to install in a mustang 71-73. Not the units themselves.
None of the video tells you there are many brackets to be fabricated & some existing modded. That the kits do not come with Ford kick downs if you run an automatic. They also lack basic safety options that you must add, even the master kits do not offer proper casings for external pumps or an inertia switch...

Don't get me wrong, EFI is fantastic, just saying you need plan your install, have the necessary extra hardware, metal sheets in house and take your time to do it. If you have the luxury of a lift, you'll save hours of course, but even with one, there are still many things that need be done right. Way more than the advertised "done in a weekend".

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It's a bit more expensive, but Edelbrock E-Street has a returnless system that doesn't require pulling your tank.  It also fits under a factory Ram Air air cleaner without clearance issues to the hood... if you have Ram Air, that is.


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I suggest using the RobBMC fuel pump. It is a sump pump system that would work with the mechanical pump and you can use the charcoal vent line from the tank asa return from the pump. No need to run an additional return line.

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thanks for all the feed back. these systems seem to be carb replacement units, has anyone used a multi port injection system? I know it will require a new manifold and higher price but seams like it would be more efficient system....
Warm up the credit card. http://www.promracing.com/pro-m-efi-engi...ystem.html
I'm not surprised by that price. There's more to it than just a manifold and fuel rails. The fuel management computer needs to know the engine speed and when to start the injector sequencing, which requires a crankshaft position sensor, which requires a different harmonic balancer or add-on reluctor ring. The computer is also more sophisticated and requires more sensor inputs.

“If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.”
--Albert Einstein
You'd have a nice accurate injection for sure, expensive but if you do racing it might be worth it.

Tho, seeing how well the unit performs (lots of online dyno videos show they are after install with just the auto learn tables 10HP average bellow what the same engine does with a perfectly tuned carb). Adjusting the tables would likely fix that small diff and likely out perform the carb at all rpms. Strangely the conservative purists doing the tests I've seen on multiple videos, never tune the units so the carb get stamped as winner.

Here's one example of a fitech on a 440. Another "carb wins"

73 modified Grandé 351C. Almost done. 
71 429CJ. In progress
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