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351c Boss Rev Limiter
Well it sounds like "with your electronics" background ....you look forward to doing this (and thought you should do it this way) !!!

If it is going on a 72 Mach , I would "reconsider" the choice of the 71 Autolite part as it would possibly better to use the 1972 R code Motorcraft Rev limiter "at least for the look". You are going to get the red azz no matter which way you try to explain the use anyway. You will have to say "it's a Boss 351 motor so I have a 71 date coded rev limiter" (thus the Autolite) ......or it is a 1972 Mach "I know only R Codes got them so here is a rare Motorcraft.

Either way will be happy to help you .....if this is something you need "yesterday" ....I'm a bit busy with travel to the Boss Nationals. IF you rethink and change direction on the build, let us know that too. Building a show car, means different things to different people! Many change, to see they could fund the project by selling rarer parts and buying what they want! Personally, I come to AZ yearly to get "original parts" as my builds never stray from day one off the line.

P.S. The other thing I would do is go to the tech page for REV LIMITER on Scott site. musclecarresearch.com (under maintenence right now)
Shows how to use the modern Crane Pertronix IN THE FORD CASE ! (your plan anyway) I think Ray was mentioning this!
(09-04-2018, 02:24 PM)AZ-Mach1 Wrote: Yikes, I made a Foopa!  Please forgive my not paying attention to an important detail.
No slight was intended.

Thank you Steve for your suggestion.  I will try to do better in the future.


No harm, no foul. We're all just chipping in to help fellow owners with whatever info we can.

Hello Mark,
I did not see your post earlier, you will have to forgive me because I am trying to figure out this forum format,  sorry.  You brought to mind issues I have struggled with since I started my 1972 mach1 project over two years ago.

When I first purchased the car it was in exceptional condition. Absolutely no rust, had never been wrecked.  Past owner had tried to turn the car into a full blown bracket racer.  6 large round gauges mounted in the dash pad and steel dash cover.  Exhaust pipes welded to the body of the car that came out just below the middle of the door.  Battery installed in trunk. Holes drilled in the body pinch rails that had battery cables running to the front of the car through these holes.  Sparkly red Steering wheel.   I could go on and on but you can probably picture the innumerable mods!  Soo, I brought the car back to its original factory configuration.  Red Azz is a nice term with respect to responses I have received at car shows. LOL!  Concourse was my goal at least originally.  A pretty car that sits in a garage and occasionally goes to car shows and it does win prizes, just isn't fun anymore.  My wife's good advice/demand?  Sell it or drive it!  So, the Boss engine is getting installed.  Concourse is now out the window.  My second chance at being a teenager has begun.

Seriously now, my thought about the original Rev limiter being included with the matching Boss engine was an attempt at keeping it kinda Concourse?  With my background, yes I believe repairing an original rev limiter is possible.  Is it imperative or monetarily responsible, to do this, No.

Yes I will research the Pertronix unit.  At least right now seems to be an acceptable compromise.

Yes Mark, your post was quite thought provoking and appropriate. Thankyou

Hi Earl

Just back from the Boss Nationals - sorry I didn't see on the road NOR did I think to buy stuff there (for other people) !! Dustin Harrinman had a number of used, resin and original harness units in Kansas. I was "assisting" as people don't know the difference between a 69/70 harness and OF COURSE "everyone" wants an original !!

These are one items that you don't want to buy in a field and "test on your car" ! LOL Not sure if Dustin was happy with me as the guy at the time was even more confussed after we took the cover off !!

ANyway, I did read your reply. THANK YOU for seeing "I" think things through (as I have made the same mistakes on direction/investment or choices). I learned a long time ago from Bob Perkins that "restoring" a car can mean multiple visions! When buying parts years ago he asked "are you restoring to how it came off the assembly line, to the miles it has on it or ALL NEW FORD PARTS? Funny, MOST think new Ford parts as they want everything new (so they have the BEST) Personally I have done my last three cas how they rolled off the line!

P.S. Here is the info link https://www.musclecarresearch.com/limiter-upgrade
I've bought 428 stuff from semo mustang highly recommended . It's been quite a while I think the guy I dealt with was Dennis.
This is the one I was thinking of.

Fits inside the distributor and then just run dummy wires to the repop case.

Hello Mark and Steve,

I looked at the link you posted about putting the Pertronix rev limiter circuit into the original rev case. Thank you for that. Too bad I don't have access to the original circuit board!

Hope you had fun at the car Swap meet show.

Yes Steve, that was the unit I too had researched as well. Looks good actually.

Guess all I have to do is find a reasonably priced NON functional, well used original rev limiter! LOL.

Thanks guys!
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