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351C 4V Exhaust system
Hello Friends.

Now that the engine and tranny finally found their way home I am ready to procure exhaust. I researched the forums and found that people like the Pypes system for all around install, quality, and sound. The problem is I only see that system available to mate with headers.

I have the factory 4V exhaust manifolds and want to use the chrome Mach 1 exhaust tips. I am going to run a performance cam and don't want to choke the engine out, and I want a good combination of throaty exhaust without a deafening drone on the highway. What do I do?

1) Go to a reputable exhaust shop and say "build it for me"?
2) Order from one of the vendors. I have yet to find a decent complete system with all the hangers from E-manifolds to E-tips. Should I go 2.5 inch dia, or 2.25? Will the tips work with 2.5" exhaust.
3) Go to Summitt or Rock Auto, or someone else who can get me a great deal on a system.
4) Buy the original style H-pipe and have the local shop do the rest?

Help is appreciated!

So a little more research has me leaning toward the Scott Drake system.

D1ZZ-5257-TRK from Summit Racing due to the price. It is tough to tell what all is included with the kits though.

I would like to find a deal on the system, the H-Pipe, the tips and all the hangers.

My 2 cents. Go with 2 1/4". Select the mufflers since they will be the biggest component for the exhaust note. Purchase either 'H' or 'X' section of the exhaust system. Purchase the exhaust tips. Find a reputable shop and have them build and install the rest of the system. You can discuss / decide on the material for the system with the shop (i.e stainless, aluminized, etc).
NPD has exhaust kits.

run_horse Run Horse Run!
John 72 Q Code
I'm in the same boat. I need a new exhaust from manifolds to tips. I am going with 2 1/4" tubes, not sure yet if it will be SS, depends on price. As for mufflers, I personally love the sound of my FlowMasters. They were on the car when I bought it and have had many comments on the nice throaty sound and they are not deafening on the road with the windows open. I'm not sure, but I think they are FlowMaster 50's.
I may have the system custom built as the exchange rate makes it a better proposition and keeps the local custom exhaust shop in business. One thing I will be doing and it doesn't cost much to do, is to install O2 bungs in each inner side of the H pipe so that if and when the car is on the dyno, the exhaust gasses can be analyzed. (place them as high as possible but still allow access next to trans.)
And that's my 2 cents worth as well.
kcmash;257936 Wrote:So a little more research has me leaning toward the Scott Drake system.

D1ZZ-5257-TRK from Summit Racing due to the price. It is tough to tell what all is included with the kits though.

I would like to find a deal on the system, the H-Pipe, the tips and all the hangers.


Go to drakes site - that system is the downpipes, mufflers and tail pipes

I can do
standard 2 1/4 system 2 down pipes, 2 mufflers, 2 tailpipes 195.00
with upgraded mufflers 265.00
Or a OEM type system, welded [ has slip fit on front of muffler for shipping purposes ] 312.00
H pipe 74.00
tips, clamps and hardware sold separately
Plus shipping
Will clear staggard shocks - mimmicks factory systems - compression
bends - USA made - excellent customer support
Can also be custom made in 2 -1/2 now email for pricing

Ohio Mustang Supply

[Image: oms_sig_banner.jpg]
Right now your prices are better than any other I can find. So if you don't mind, can you quote me the following package with shipping?

Your system withe the upgraded mufflers.(Are they Flowmaster? Please tell me the brand)
Hangar KIt for OEM style mounting
Scott Drake Exhaust tips for mach 1
Shipping to 64014.

Also, can you give me your thoughts on the 2.5 inch "Boss 351" exhaust system that CJ Ponyparts advertises as coming? Did M code and R Code come with 2.5 or 2.25 exhaust?

Thanks! kcmash
2 1/4" pipes are all you need.

bigger is not always better and can actually cost you some hp.

yes, using the stock head pipe and having a system of the same size built is a great plan also.

straight thru mufflers like magnaflows will get you a little more hp but not enough to worry abut so get the mufflers that you like the sound of.

never, ever, buy a complete system unless you know EXACTLY which mufflers are being used unless you don't care.
Might as well chime in as I will be in the market also for my 429cj engine. I would love to go stainless, one time install. Did this on my '71 429cj Mach in 1993 and the system was still perfect when I sold it in 2010... Cost me $600 installed back on the day, a lot of coin back then, but well worth it.

I think a 2 1/2" system would benefit the breathing capabilities on my CJ, but would live with 2 1/4" as per factory. Still trying to figure out what muffler would be best.

I may piece mill a system together similar to what Don is quoting, as that is a good price.

Guess I should worry about rebuilding the engine first... Sometimes jump just a little to far ahead in my wish list...
If you have over 400 hp, I would use tubes that are larger than 2 1/4"
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