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351C 2V Build advice
(05-15-2018, 09:44 AM)barnett468 Wrote: hedmans are better than hookers.

i would not buy an edelbrock if i were you. they are extremely hard for a novice to tune and are actually untuable in some cases because of the limited jet sizes they have.

holley or quick fuel 650 vs. the secondaries are adjustable via a spring kit.

also, you should set your ignition timing curve to the optimum setting to get the most performance.


To which I reply:

"Hookers Rule and Hedmans Drool!"   Haha

Please explain why Edelbrocks are extremely hard for a novice to tune, whereas the Holleys have the exact same adjustments available.  Carburetors are pretty basic: air, fuel, mix, idle, jets, springs, choke, float levels... not a lot of gray area.   Chin

Set the ignition timing curve to where the engine is happiest doing what you want it to do.

Seriously - not everything goes down a track with the pedal matted.  Cool


[Image: mach1sig2.gif]
Sooooo.... I've got side tracked with some fun set backs! Having to replace my steering gearbox because mine started leaking like a siv... picked up a reman at NAPA for $113. But mainly... having some serious misfiring and rough idle. I replaced all the spark plugs, but long story short... I tinkered with the rocker arms on cylinder 1 and think it is due to that. I had watched a bunch of videos on how to adjust these and it seemed simple enough, until I started and realized I didn't have screw in studs, so the rockers weren't adjustable. I think I ended up over tightening them and now the valve/s is/are hanging open. This I plan on fixing soon with some rocker arm shims. So all work comes to a halt until I'm certain my engine is healthy. I ran a compression test and all cylinders are equal besides cylinder 1 which was a tad lower... I think due to the valve issue. Still haven't ran a leak down test, because I just moved to CA from TX and haven't built up my tool collection yet.

Hopefully I resolve all this quickly and get to do those sweet upgrades. I'll decide hedman or hooker based on pricing probably and after doing more research I'm going to go with a Quick Fuel carb. You guys are the best.

ALSO if anyone knows a great shop or Mustang guy in LA, that doesn't charge an arm and a leg, I need a guy!
Over tightening non-adjustable rockers will not cause the valves to stay open, the fulcrum bottoms out in the pedestal slot. You can strip the threads in the block or the stud or nut, though. More likely explanations are valve recession or burned valves, both will have your symptoms.

“If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.”
--Albert Einstein
Ruh roh... luckily I tracked down some 351c 2v heads on Craigslist for $150. In the process of trying to get any part numbers that might be on them. Does anyone have any insight on knowing/identifying if they are the same heads? I don’t know how much 351c 2v heads changed over the years.
I think I found the culprit of my misfires.... I bought 2 push-rods from Autozone.... thought maybe I bent one on cylinder one because I have before.... Just realized they gave me some that were an 1/8" different in length!! Only finding this out a month after replacing them.
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