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351 engine tear down
So, still need camshaft bearings:
Sealed Power 1403M or Clevite SH710S.

Rod bearings:
Sealed Power 83400CP or 3400CP.
0,010 undersize.

Crankshaft main bearings:
Sealed Power 4925M or 146M.
0,010 undersize.

The bypass tube is already removed, pinhole on it, need a new one.

Any though about what I should choose?

Here is the block before and after a cleaning job:


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Hi Manu,

don't despair - you need one of these:




They were used on several engines but this part seems to be the right one - part number C5AZ-8555-B.

It is pressed into the block. You could try to pull it out with a gear puller. Or drill it out. Or... Didn't do that yet.

Hope that helps!


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If your block is pretty rusty inside the water jackets, you can soak it in oxalic acid solution for around 3 days and it will be spotless.
I finally found a shop who can machine the heads, and not far from my place. They will install the new guides and set some exaust valve seats.

For now, I have almost all parts to rebuild the engine, are missing the rod and main bearings 0.010.

What do you think about those ones?





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I use 1/2 grooved Clevites to improve oiling to the rods.
Barnett, looks like the ex owner used only water as coolant liquid, it's why it's so dirty. I will try with this oxalic acid.
I'll have a look to those Clevite stuff, there are so many brand on the market, for sure better to use the best to keep the engine runs for the next 40 years.

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I'm with barnett468 on the Clevite rod and main bearings. Ford who had hundreds of suppliers and venders at their disposal, thought enough of the Clevite 77 bearings to make them the bearing of choice for the Boss 351 and 351CJ's. They were offered in standard, .001, .002, .010, .020, .030, all with Ford part numbers and we sold a pile of 'em. I used them in two CJ's and one M code 351 of mine.


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I found different ones for the 351 Q code engine on Mahle-Clevite site. Which one should I take? No performance engine with 0.010 crankshaft machined.

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Manu Mach1;262633 Wrote:I found different ones for the 351 Q code engine on Mahle-Clevite site. Which one should I take? No performance engine with 0.010 crankshaft machined.

The Clevite H series bearing should work fine for your application.

Thanks guys.
Next step, rebuild the engine.

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