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351 Cleveland fuel pump probs.
Hey everybody. I’m new to the group and normally I wouldn’t bother you all but...
I just bought a ‘71 M code Mach 1 and can’t get any fuel to pump. It has been sitting for a couple of years so I cleaned out the tank and lines. I installed a new mech. Fuel pump and now I’m on my 2nd new fuel pump and I still can’t get it to pump.

1) The pump works good by hand with a hose in a fuel can.
2) I bypassed the cars lines and hooked up a 2’ hose directly from a gas can to the pump.
3) I took a video of the eccentric working while I had the pump out. So I know it’s good.
4) I’ve had the pump on and off at least a dozen times to make sure I’m installing it correctly.

Could I be getting it wrong every time I put it on? I’ve installed pumps on 289 & 302’s but it’s been years and I have never had a problem like this.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.
You may be installing it incorrectly.

I must say the Cleveland fuel pump is a bit of a bear to get in there.  if it goes in real easy, then you likely got the pump arm above the eccentric wheel.  I have done that before.

The pump is a bear to install because you have to angle the pump arm downward as you insert it, the try to get the pump over the stud on the side of the block.

Let me know if that helps or makes no sense at all.

As you install the pump angle the pump lever down to make sure it's under the bottom of the eccentric. You can also smear some grease on the top of the pump lever and see if the eccentric makes a mark in it when you crank it. As has been stated many times on our forum, new does not mean good.

I would connect a vacuum gauge to the pump inlet and make sure it pulls and holds vacuum when you crank it. If you're getting vacuum, next check for pressure on the outlet side of the pump.

Please go to the Introduction section of the forum and introduce yourself and your car. We like pictures.

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THAT’S IT! (Sorry for shouting) Every time I was just barely missing the eccentric. She runs pretty good considering it’s been sitting for a few years. I can’t thank you all enough. I will post some pics . Thanks again!
Update. I went thru 3 new pumps before a got a good one!? The first one only lasted 15 minutes, the second one was bad right out of the box and the 3rd. I got from a different parts house and seems to be working good. I can now change a fuel pump in 10 minutes.
1) remove the washer tank.
2) remove the 2 PS pump bolts and move it out of the way.
3) Remove the lines, top bolt and bottom nut and the pump is out.
Working under the car I had real trouble installing the pump onto the eccentric correctly. Working from up above it went right in on the 1st. try. Every time ?
Also, I now know I need to bench test the pump as soon as I open the box.
I take my vacuum brake bleeder pump with me and test at the counter. Had a bad one out of the box last year.

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