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351 Cleveland exhaust manifold bolt
Thanks everyone for the advice couple problems I ended up finding out. I have 4v exhaust manifolds and nobody at parts stores seems to know the difference so they gave me 2v gaskets. I ended up having to order 4v in from summit, will be here in a few days. I also didn't clean the old gasket off well enough and there was 1 spot with old gasket which would of also caused it to leak. Thanks again for the advice!

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Glad to hear that the longer bolt worked for you.

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Just saw this old thread about the manifolds. It seems to me there was a government standard that took the gaskets out. You can put one in just like using tube headers. I know it would be hard to believe but when I worked in race shop in the 60's we built Trans Am racing engines and did not even put head gaskets on some of the troublesome engines mainly Pontiac. The surface of the block was decked to as smooth as the mill would let and the head also and then the two were lapped to make a perfect mating surface. Sprayed a coat of silver rustoleum on the surface and torqued down. Worked better than even O-rings. I saw engines run over 2,000 miles on the track and never leak. We started by doing this to motorcycle heads and just tried it on the Pontiac that would not finish a race without blowing a gasket.
I would have pulled the head and used a bottom tap to get all the thread I could, run the bolts in to make sure they would go lower than the thickness of the flange check the manifold for warpage and torque per spec. I always use antisieze on bolts in the manifold so they do not rust up.

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