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351 Cleveland AOD conversion
I purchased an AOD from monster transmission a few months ago and the car shifts into park, reverse, neutral and drive just fine but it will not shift out of first. I have tried everything, I set the initial psi for the transmission at 35 which is what the manual stated. I have tried increasing and decreasing the psi from the tv cable adjustment and there is no change. Fluid is brand new and it is full when hot, the shift linkage is lined up just right but no matter what I do it won’t shift out of first when I’m in drive. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Doesn't the AOD require electronic stimulus from engine ECU ? (depending on year - if it is AOD-E)

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Could be the 1-2 accumolator or something like that. What does the monster Company say ?

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The transmission does not need any sort of electrical components since it is not an aod e, it does have the plug in for the neutral safety switch and reverse lights which is not hooked up so without it I can still put it into gear just fine it just will not shift on it’s own and when I try to manually shift it into third or second it doesn’t go into gear and the shifter is hooked up properly. The people from Monster Transmission said that I need to bring it to a shop to have them open it up and figure out if it needs warranty work.
(09-24-2019, 07:42 AM)71melbatoast Wrote: The people from Monster Transmission said that I need to bring it to a shop to have them open it up and figure out if it needs warranty work.
Hi m8 

Good that you're getting their support - hope it gets fixed soon

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Enjoy's searching out 71-73 history

Wow... sounds like something inside let go or gave up.  Keep us posted as you get it sorted out - I have an AOD from an '89 5.0 in mine, and so far/so good it's been behavin' like a champ.  I'd be interested to hear what happened and the fix action, just in case mine suffers the same fate someday.

Good luck!  thumb


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She’s going in to the transmission shop on Monday morning so I am anxiously awaiting the diagnosis.
What shifter is installed? AOD should have this shifter rod!


mustang7173 Thankyouyellow

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